Wednesday , October 20 2021

Another billionaire breakup. The relationship between the conqueror of the universe and the anti-imperialist ends


Their relationship has been watched around the world, and the end has already been announced by the world’s leading media, including the BBC, Forbes and the Guardian. American businessman Elon Musk provided information about the couple’s new environment via the Page Six website and said, among other things, that despite the relationship ending, the couple still have good relations and will continue to raise their one-year-old son. XA-Xii together.

One of the reasons why 50-year-old Musk and 33-year-old musician decided to separate their lives was because of work. “This is mainly because my job at SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be primarily in Texas or traveling overseas. His job was primarily in Los Angeles,” the businessman said.

The couple last appeared in public together at the Met Gala event held in the first half of this month. At the same fashion event, the couple publicly confirmed their relationship three years ago. While Grimes is walking the red carpet alone this time, Musk joined him for dinner and then held an after party at a private club.

The couple was considered a little awkward by some. Musk was the CEO of a successful automaker and a billionaire, while Grimes described himself as an “anti-imperialist.” However, she deleted this posting on Twitter after she started dating Musk. The relationship even angered some of their fans. The unconventional name they chose for their son last May also caused controversy.

But this isn’t his first billionaire breakup this year. Bill and Melinda Gates officially ended their marriage in August, 27 years after Melinda filed for divorce in May. The former couple was supposed to share about $150 billion, but the couple’s separation agreement is not public and financial details are unknown.

“We don’t believe we can grow together as a couple again in the next phase of our lives,” they told Gates. Today, however, the former spouses have stated that they will continue to run their foundations. In connection with this, a two-year trial was planned to see if the couple could continue to work together productively.

Already in February of this year, Kim Kardashianová and Kayne West, one of the most famous and richest couples in world show business, announced their divorce. According to American media, the Hollywood couple later controlled $2.1 billion in assets, and the largest income came from the operations of independently owned and operated businesses.

It is unclear at what stage the couple’s divorce is currently. There was even speculation on the Internet about whether the couple was trying to resolve their situation and restore the relationship. The rapper’s new album, Donda, with the song Hurricane, which, according to some fans, was a confession of infidelity during a long marriage with Kim, just caused a crackdown on social networks.

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