Wednesday , June 16 2021

Agáta Hanychová under fire: Another breakup and a shocking statement about Mie’s daughter!

Agáta Hanychová is the queen of the boulevard and provocative expressions but still can shock her fans. A few days ago, she broke up again with one of her lovers and also made it clear that her daughter Mie was not beautiful. However, this provoked a club of angry mothers against each other who did not leave their strings dry.

Agáta Hanychová has lived a very wild life ever since she divorced her husband Jakub Prachař. In one year, he managed to replace four partners who became mothers twice, and all relationships ended exactly the same, after three months there was always a separation.

The situation was no different with the tattooed carpenter Adam Raiter, who Hanychová has been dating since December last year. Although the partners created a joint Instagram a few days ago and planned joint travel and future, the seemingly pastoral relationship also broke up.

But in the presence of two children, I don’t like the frequent return of lovers watching Agatha.

Hanychová won’t drive alone, but finding the right one is still a tough discipline

At the beginning of each relationship, Hanychová excites the new lover and introduces him to the public. But her love hormones will subside within a few weeks, and she has to admit to her fans that she doesn’t work with another guy.

Watching the frequent return of the lovers was a thorn on the one hand. For example, one of the fans said, “She shouldn’t change her partner that much because of those kids. I don’t think this will be easy with any man,” for example, one of her fans advised her to slow down a bit on her date. alone.

“As my daughter, I would ride it. It turns like socks for what the kids need to think about. This is embarrassing! Well, who’s next? So many boys in a year! Only stupid girls can write and cheer for her.” People from Hanych are napkins. not receiving. However, an even greater effect of the “red cloth on the bull” stemmed from Agatha’s statement about Mia’s daughter.

What does little Mia have after Prachař? Not beautiful according to Hanychová

During an interview for the website, Agáta Hanychová received a question from Eva Decastelo about her body inherited from her daughter’s father, Jakub Prachař.

The couple mother’s reaction shocked many people. “Look, I think talent. Absolutely, her acting talent is after her, because she can’t be after me. No, unfortunately, she looks like her and I hope other than her … Because with them beautiful gentlemen, but when a girl looks like a boy, that’s totally not cool, but I hope it is from that. will be saved, ”Hanychová said, not just to the moderator’s breath.

When Eva Decastelo said that Mia was adorable, Agatha defended her theory. The former model continued: “Cute or awkward.

However, he received a quick response for his words. “I saw an interview with you today and I’m sorry. How can you tell that your daughter is not beautiful? Is that what you call her at home? You just destroy her confidence. And she will have complexes. I want to see you as a mother.” Poor boy “dozens of mothers commented on Hanychová.” Insensitive and stupid. Some women who cannot have children will be happy to have a healthy child and take him to heaven. And he’ll let him say that about his daughter, albeit exaggerated. It doesn’t work. ”Writes Agatha, women of disgust. This is where Hanychová really stabbed the wasp’s nest. So I hope the fans will forgive his severed mouth soon.

Agáta Hanychová admitted to taking another break from the live broadcast.

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