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A big change with Dana and Vladimir: Transformation has turned their lives behind them.


Three quarters of the year since the shooting, the husband had a big change in the husband. They both admitted that the program was very helpful. "The relationship between us is better and better, we communicate with each other." The program opened our eyes and helped us, "he praised. Dana From my point of view, the communication is very friendly, even on sincere matters. In I can talk about this with the husband being more open about this, and I can tell you what's bothering me now, “Dana admitted.

Although both claimed that they were not sinking one after another at the beginning of the shoot, everything was different after a few days. "I miss him, we weren't like this for a long time, and when I saw him, he was a very different woman, very fit for him, better dressed, well-dressed," Vladimir's wife said. On his return home, his wife praised her while shooting. They're dancing together today!


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Dana didn't want to admit that at first she missed her husband. ”At first I missed myself, but I hung out with the kids, but then I started to miss me., I said, la I love her for the second time“.

He remembered something very positive about shooting. "He gave me a lot of money, he created my thoughts and my self-consciousness, and the shaping of the female figure had created a very terrible addiction and I would go a little sharp to make him look very bad because of the horned skin. I'm not afraid to laugh," he said. Since then, it has lowered a few more pounds and made a very strict diet. , I'm working out some things that contribute to the thickness, practicing, more dancing, “he added.

Even the spouses boasted that people were turning behind them. Vladimir, "This is absolutely pleasant, change is seen as something." Dana's protecting her husband. "I'll always make my women look the way I did," he laughed. But her husband is jealous. "Such a healthy jealousy, no scene," Vladimir said.

The big theme of the study was the grandmother Michalek, whose husbands looked at their daughters' place. Relationships have evolved a lot since filming. "We meet my daughter – after a week and a half weekend weekend, I took her to the rest of my family, it worked, it worked, I arranged my life, we were afraid of the little one's reaction, but we were able to accept the aunt. and I think it would be better and better with it.. But Misha is ready to tell the truth once. hazır Sometimes the environment is bad, so let's get it from others before we learn from others. ve

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