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25 Best-Selling Console Date (as of October 2019)

Sony DualShock 4 PlayStation 4
Sony DualShock 3

Sony announced its second quarter financial results in two areas of interest. While mobile sales fell to historic low, consoles climbed to the top.

The Japanese company sold 1.6 million Xperia in June-September period, last year was 1.6 million. The company also continues to reduce forecasts. In 2017, it sold 13.5 million mobile phones. Last year it was only 6.5 million. And it will be worse. In June, Sony predicted the sale of 4 million Xperia, but in the latest press release, the year-round estimate fell to 3.5 million units.

Rising PS4 Tables

Sales also drop to the PlayStation 4, which is not surprising six years after the launch. That's why Sony is already interested in PS5 tracks. In 2017, PS4 sold 19 million, last year was 17.8 million, and according to current estimates it will be 13.5 million this year. Even after the correction, Sony still reached 15 million in June.

Significantly, the Japanese sold another 2.8 million units in the past quarter, making PS4 the best-selling PlayStation to date. Thus, the first generation 300,000 units of fresh embarrassment. The PS1 was sold for 12 years. But at the top of the historical tables is the remarkable PS2, which has 155 million pieces sold by Sony for 13 years. This is what PS4 and possibly another console are not approaching.

Foreign media (and the Czech parrot after them) say that PlayStation 2 is the second best-selling console in history. This is not entirely true. It ranks second among Sony consoles and even among desktop consoles. But considering that handhelds are the game console (which we normally do), PS4 ranks fourth.

Nintendo DS (154 million) is second and Game Boy (119 million) is third. Wii (102 million) took fourth place on PS4 before joining PS4. Nintendo later announced that it sold another 3.2 million Switches yesterday and ranked 15th in the history with a total of 41.7 million. According to VGChartz, there is an Xbox One that sold 44.5 million units. However, the exact numbers cannot be verified because Microsoft no longer publishes.

25 best-selling consoles in history
firstSony PlayStation 2table155.0 miles.manufacturer's data
secondNintendo DSpocket154.0 miles.manufacturer's data
thirdNintendo Game Boypocket118.7 miles.manufacturer's data
4Sony PlayStation 4table102.8 miles.manufacturer's data
5Sony PlayStationtable102.5 miles.manufacturer's data
6Nintendo Wiitable101.6 miles.manufacturer's data
7Sony PlayStation 3table87.4 miles.manufacturer's data
8Microsoft Xbox 360table86.0 miles.manufacturer's data
9Nintendo Game Boy Advancepocket81.5 miles.manufacturer's data
10Sony PlayStation Portablepocket81.0 million.prediction VGChartz
11th.Nintendo 3DSpocket75.5 miles.manufacturer's data
12.Nintendo SNEStable61.9 miles.manufacturer's data
13.Nintendo NEStable49.1 million.manufacturer's data
14Microsoft Xbox Onetable44.5 miles.prediction VGChartz
Dec 15Nintendo Switchhybrid41.7 million.manufacturer's data
16Nintendo 64table32.9 millionmanufacturer's data
17Sega Genesistable30.8 miles.manufacturer's data
18Atari 2600table27.6 miles.prediction VGChartz
Dec 19Microsoft Xboxtable24.6 miles.manufacturer's data
20 MayNintendo GameCubetable21.7 miles.manufacturer's data
21.Sony PlayStation Vitapocket16.2 miles.prediction VGChartz
22Nintendo Wii Utable13.6 million.manufacturer's data
23Sega Game Gearpocket10.6 miles.manufacturer's data
24Sega Saturntable9.3 miles.manufacturer's data
25Sega Dreamcasttable9.1 miles.manufacturer's data

Source: Sony, Nintendo, VGChartz

No, PS4 is not the second best-selling console in history

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