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Vulud: measles epidemic is being controlled but vaccinated | Vulud: measles epidemic is being controlled but vaccinated | UNIVERSAL

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Although there is a documentary study between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Protection, the director of the Regional Office of Administrative Health (Dadis), Antonio Sagbini; and the Secretary of Department Verena Polo; In a vaccination strategy to combat measles and rubella outbreaks in the city, you cannot lower your guard, and so you insist again and again on the importance of vaccination practices.

Even the Ministry of Health and Social Protection changed the vaccination plan to control the difficulty of the outbreak, allowing children between six and 11 months to have access to a so-called “zero dose altı, which does not mean that the vaccine will be bypassed. age

Although we do good jobs and are a joint work between the National Institutes of Health, the ministry, the department and the region, we need the media to help immunize all vaccinated people and children. This is something that the public can see, "said Iván González Ortiz, deputy health minister.

According to Dadis, there are 67 cases of approved measles in the city to date. Although the number has increased, the health portfolio official said, Sağlık We have to always compare what happens if we do nothing. We have a control-related secretion and we're better than projections, but we're not tired of insisting on vaccination because if it wasn't done, it would be very serious Kontrol.

It is important to clarify that a problem is contained but not eliminated, so there is a strategy that is a model in terms of implementation and outcome. A consultant from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) came to town to follow the efforts to combat measles outbreaks in Cartagena and Bolivar.

"The responsibility to protect the children is from mothers and fathers, and the Ministry of Health from the Ministry of Health offers a free vaccination. they were taken to any health facility.; To eliminate measles and rubella, PAHO stressed Desireé Pastor, Regional Counselor of America.

This invitation is another opportunity to be in contact with a patient to protect against the measles virus.

"The vaccination coverage of Cartagena is very high, 95% is planned at the end of the year, which is very important for preventing the circulation of the virus in any part of the city," said the medical epidemiologist.

Emergency plan
An emergency plan was launched between the 13th and 30th of November of the same month to meet the "zero dose" target against the measles in the district.

Iz As of November 30, we will set our target for 12,912 zero doses. The PAHO will support us with more human talent and we have contacted the schools of education like the Red Cross, ene says Dadis director Antonio Sagbini.

Similarly, vaccination teams will be increased by 30 Red Cross people, including 110 to 80 vaccines to date.

It should be noted that 6,610 doses were administered zero on November 9, 2108, and 51.6% of children aged 6-11 months were vaccinated.

This means that a zero dose of 6,302 is missing to meet the target, and that the 394 daily dose should be administered from November 13th to November 30th. There are 63 eco-sweeps and 65 institutional vaccination points for a total of 128 teams.

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