Thursday , July 29 2021

Union Magdalena vs Quindío: A decisive game for the return of Cyclone

The excitement of today's match and the triumphal atmosphere in Santa Marta contradicts the horror caused by his defeat by the slightest gap against yesterday's Cúcuta Deportivo. This situation will postpone the rise of the Magdalena League. To win a victory over Deportes Quindío, commemorating the fifth day of the Águila Tournament's four-cornered B & B. and Win Sports channel.

Fans come to the Sierra Nevada in full and caring, but in frustration, with a Nevada thorn tam that led to the defeat of Motilona before the tulueaños.

Today, however, it is a special day for samarios, because it will be very close to the end of the 13 years of suffering and anxiety caused by a passion called Magdalena. Cyclone Bananero may take a step to regain his position in the A category where he lost 3-0 on Hernan Ramírez Villegas stadium against Depthivo Pereira on October 30, 2005.

This afternoon, in order to defeat Quindío, as the winner of his group, he was waiting for the next time with Cúcuta Deportivo and Cortuluá to wait for the ones who decided to rule over the group.

First Purpose

Although the fans lived at the highest level, the technical staff of the banana workers led by Harold Rivera worked wisely with their actors and focused on the victory to pass the final of Tournament Eagle 2018.

Samaria & # 39; s match against coffee growers will be a major loss, the previous game and the normal and quadruple calendar commitments in the free kick targets and the side of the important Jhon Montaño.

"All members of the squad prepare to play at any moment, and we knew we knew the match series from the beginning of the match, so be careful because they should show the potential of contributing to the selected player granite.

The facilities of Samarium's substitute for Montaño include the entrance to Diego Sol, Cristian Subero, the young Diego Ruiz, who will arrive on the right-hand side. Another option is to make room for experienced Argentine Fernando Batiste.

Of course, the return to the initial salary of the master Jhoinner Viveros, who escaped from a collarbone injury, will give him more mobility and strength in the attack front of the Magdalenaine.

Nedeniyle There's a lot of enthusiasm, and that's because of the trust that Professor Rivera has given us since the beginning of the season. Now that we're in this last situation, what we have to do is to confirm the indicators given by the coaching staff, because it's step by step, and so we're going to achieve what we want to add to the whole joyful swell of love at the end of the story. "Jhojan said of Valencia.

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