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Trade sales improved in October, says Fenalco Bolívar: trade sales improved in October, says Fenalco Bolívar | Cartagena


According to the results of the latest edition of the Economic Registry, made by Fenalco, in October modern trade achieved acceptable results in terms of sales and this was one of the best months of the year. The share of traders, who reported an increase in sales compared to the same month of the previous year, was realized at 36 with a slight increase compared to the data observed in September. At the same time, 18% said that there was a decline in activities. Construction-related traders saw an upturn in sales, hoping that they will actually record a positive signal within a full year.

At the department level, a ası good in October was reported to acquire new goods by the end of the year, thanks to the multiplication of offers and the liquidation of inventories. Another finding was that in traditional tourist areas there was no ”boom lar due to the week of school break, because many families did not enjoy this time. Shopping centers and cinemas took advantage of this situation.

We are confronted with the fact that the immediate expectations are mainly motivated by the so-called "interference" caused by the so-called Financing Act. However, as they listened to a small sample of businessmen, they declared themselves optimistic about the consequences of the day when harsh reductions were made to those who bought on the Internet, known as Black Friday.

Retail sales so far have shown a significant recovery this year. The growth until September is 5.4%, which is a contrast between -0.7% and -0.5% in the same period of 2016 and 2017.

When examining the behavior of sales throughout the year (October / 17 – September / 18), the variation falls to 3.2%.

In addition to footwear and leather products, there are several categories of glassware and paints that are kept in the negative region. At the other end of the spectrum, it is stated that the dynamism, which is a computer equipment like mobile phone, explains the retail market at a high level with the facilities of these devices which were once the privilege of mobile phone companies.

Sectoral concerns with the financing bill: wholesalers of grocery and restaurants

Concerns about the negative impact of the VAT extension proposed by the government are not homogeneous. Squeezed sectors on the roof are retailers and wholesalers selling grocery and grocery stores. They expect a sharp decline in sales because household consumption will be harmed and informal channels will have more "competitiveness," as the owners of micro-channels will "register" the VAT issue.

The other sector that will be hit hard if approved as a financing law is the number of restaurants: According to Fenalco's research, 82% of the inputs used by the gastronomy sector are exempt from VAT. Thus, by setting a tax of 18%, the costs would fluctuate. Furthermore, the pricing of VAT and the market share of the fleeers will not be easy for competition due to informality. Reducing margins are a limited option, but if not, the other option is to reduce labor costs by reducing the quality of food or meals. Some members of the guild said they were thinking of switching from a service to a self-service.

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