Saturday , July 31 2021

The journalist says that Juan Gabriel is alive and talking to him on WhatsApp

Even though it was more than two years before Juan Gabriel's death, there are still people who say that Mexico is alive. One of them Joaquín Muñoz, former manager of "Divo de Juárez"who pointed the artist imitated death and will reappear on December 15th.

Muñoz recently published the book "Juan Gabriel and I after death". In this program, the singer had the opportunity to speak with a variety of media, which he said was alive and would soon reappear.

"Simulated his death, in a house, well, comfortable and everything, we will learn next month", he says, adding that Muñoz will again appear because of his difficult situation.

"She is already bored of how she is, and her situation is terrible."said that he had met the singer and that he had prepared the return.

This version is partially supported by Mexican journalist Jorge Carbajalwho Through YouTubesaid he talked about whatsapp with Juan Gabriel a few years ago.

However, unlike his ex-principal, Mexican journalist "Divo de Juárez" did not want to return as an artist, but Alberto Aguilera Valadez (his real name) and The only reason to return is to save wealth – The singer is currently estimated at $ 600 million for living in a humble house she bought in the state of Morelos at the beginning of her career.

Carbajal said he was in contact with Juan Gabriel and even saw him personally. In fact, he said he wanted to return in 2017, but advised him not to do so because of legal problems that would have made his lawyers deceive his death.

However, the statements of Muñoz, such as Carbajal, were not taken very seriously, because it is not the first time that Juan Gabriel is said to be alive. The statements of the former manager on his social networks, even after the nozzles of the Divo de Juárez started to circulate.


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