Monday , January 25 2021

The hidden face of Stan Lee

Stan Lee one of the greatest characters of the entertainment world and thanks to the creation of everything A universe of superheroes, captivated by large and small international scale.

However, in April, shortly before his death, The New York Times published a comprehensive report that implies fraud and misconduct, which Lee was the victim of. throughout his life and especially in recent years.

According to the publication, His fortune was $ 50 million. A lot of money, but very little compared to the success and profit of comics and movies In recent years.

In addition, after the death of his wife Joan Lee in July of last year, millions of dollars have been mysteriously stolen from your account and that one of his colleagues stole his blood to sell to his followers.

Likewise, it was also verified Stan Lee was abused by his 67-year-old daughter Joan Celia Lee.. The close sources stated that the woman had done everything possible to secure her father's fortune and had to restrict her financial assistance so she was not wasting it.

Stan Lee accuses her daughter and caregivers of ill-treatment and ill-treatment

One of the most influential news stories of the creator of Marvel, kidnapped in her own homeEvery movement is followed by several armed guards. However, he said in an interview that he was şanslı the luckiest man in the world Ancak.

In February of this year, the producer was known to be. Keya Morgan became an assistant to Mac Anderson.At that time the manager had discovered that he had been trying to pay one of the nurses to tell the press that Stan had been kidnapped.

He's been out of his life. Jerry Olivarez, who is responsible for some of Lee's issues, lost more than a million dollars in his account.. Another million dollars disappeared for transfer and money without knowing the criminal.

95 years old and Spiderman's creator Stan Lee sues an old society

"I had one or two people who were responsible for my money because I couldn't take care of it. Then I discovered that the money couldn't reach me anymore, I don't know where it is, but I think they found a way to find something," he said calmly, in an interview with the media.

Finally, one of the most serious scandals she has experienced has been the accusation of the medical company which had offered her services to her home. "Each of the nurses who helped her was corrected by Stan Lee."

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