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The advantage of consulting soon | Warning for the bottom …


Approximately one percent of breast cancer cases develop in men, more frequently between 60 and 70 years. In general, the same patient discovers her because in her breasts, some anomalies affecting her to consult her doctor are identified. In the case of men, the first consultation is usually done with the clinician; after this review, it will show the forward path (tomography, mammography, laboratory analysis, interview with the mastologist). Valeria El Haj said to Página 12: "Women have a lot of talk about breast cancer, and this is very good, because it causes more female deaths. But there is hardly any talk about breast cancer in men, and this is very bad. it is true that approximately one percent of the patients are men. But precisely for this reason, when the tumors are very advanced, the diagnosis and treatment are reached.

The symptoms that lead the man to consult a doctor are the same as that offered by women: mass or thickening in the chest or near or under the armpit lymph nodes, the size or shape of the breast if the breast is different from the other, skin pits or wrinkles, if the nipple enters inside, the breast fluid from the tip (especially if there is blood), flak in the chest, red or swollen skin, nipple or areola (dark area of ​​the skin surrounding the nipple), pits of the breast similar to orange peel skin (orange peel skin in the chest). Ası The problem of not spreading breast cancer in men is the late onset of treatment. Dermatologists have been consulting patients about breast skin problems for many years, and none of the physicians have been able to cure these patients as some dermatitis patients. And in reality, there is already a cutaneous metastasis of breast cancer, "El Haj insisted.

And how is it diagnosed? "Just as in women: through mammography and breast ultrasound. Two complementary studies, whether or not they specify a biopsy. With tissue analysis, a single correct confirmation is obtained, with or without a cancerous tissue. After that, you can see what the path is," the doctor said. It is rare to think of a mammogram in a man (you need to put the breast in a machine that puts a little pressure on it and gets an internal texture image through X-rays), but nature is wise … and El Haj says: "A very high percentage of male breast cancers At this height, the development of adipose tissue provides an excellent mammogram.Of course, not all lumps are cancerous and are not a matter of panic sowing and begin to insist on mammograms for everyone, so you should be alert to risk factors. improves adipose tissue deposition. This problem facilitates the formation of tumors.

The most important factor to consider is the family history: ü In the family, a disease with a history of cancer in men is more likely to suffer from the disease. Careful, more likely, does not mean that you will inevitably have cancer. But you have to know and if any symptoms appear, take it into account or take it into account as soon as possible and take it into account. "

Other factors are hormonal changes, because estrogen overrun is susceptible to tumoral formations. Liver problems such as cirrhosis (which causes increased estrogen, because the liver cannot metabolize them) and thyroid problems increase. And of course, smoking, alcoholism, excess weight, obesity as well as normal ones. "You should not leave testicular problems, such as orchitis (inflammation of the testicles) or other discomfort or damage. In such cases, in addition to treating the symptoms, you must investigate the causes completely," the doctor added. And he insisted: "No need to panic. It's about knowing the risk factors and controlling them. And check with the doctor as soon as the symptoms occur. Special attention must be paid to family history and told to the attending physician to be warned. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and / or surgery the attack with total or partial) has the same chance of survival as in women, because early diagnosis makes a difference.

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