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That's why the coach Miguel Ángel Russo de Millonarios – Colombia Soccer – The division of sport was decided


In a short statement on social networks on Monday at 6:50 pm, Millonarios announced that a decision between technicians, Miguel Ángel Russo, ended a few hours ago. emergency meeting In the year when the situation was analyzed, the reasons for the team to fail during the year and the new qualification in the League. In the end, they chose to finish the agreement between the parties.

Neona – since Millonarios' loss of Huila and resigned from the chance of qualifying – since the end of the game, the inconvenience and concern had already existed, but this Monday only showed the three most effective sections of the club. Gustavo Serpa who has the highest share; Serpa-Enrique Camacho, who is the chairman of the emergency meeting at the Argentine coach's house. There was an intimate dialogue between the parties. They evaluated the Millionaires campaign, not just now, but throughout the year.

Russo gave the arguments known to the fans and press members: they did not win the games they had to win in Bogota, where the team did not have a goal, the scorer did not answer as expected and set goals for extraordinary errors in the defense, and the defense had a very bad second period (only Lions & # 39;; she won) …

Serpa and Camacho listened to Russo. They came at these points. But they had a colder analysis and they didn't apologize: Millionaires cannot invest 6 million dollars and they do not stay in two championships after the fourth. break; This was the trigger that led to the decision, the last one known as a film, and the result was another screening.

For this reason, Copa Libertadores was more decisive in the club than in the Copa Sudamericana and Copa Colombia, because the parties agreed that many of their aspects, such as definitions, were different. Games where something could happen. However, staying outside the League could not be tolerated in the institution beyond the love and good relations with Russo. However, since last week, the challenges and results that a team such as the Millionaires will pave the way for progress in international tournaments have been analyzed. A situation with significant financial impact.

The decision was made, there was a good tone in the dialogue, and Russo's progress was over. Finally, on the last day of the League 's coach, they determined the game they would play against Santa on Sunday. Millonarios 'idea, Russo' s farewell owner of the fans, the Argentine 2017 & # 39; s stars in the 15th star did not forget. They hope that this will be welcome in Millionaires. Lacking everything, Millos will only play the classic to watch the show and fire his coach.

On Tuesday afternoon, a press conference will be held in Bogotá Plaza, which will be shared by President Camacho and DT. For now, Millionaires have no plan B. Start from scratch to find a coach, because they had the idea that they could get the classification.

Russo left almost two years later (in December 2016), directed 111 matches, won the 45th, tied the 37th and lost 29.

In the second half of 2017, Millonarios began to grow, reached the final and placed the second leg at 2-2 in the finals. She did not win; This is the great success Russo left.


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