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Ternium, Tenaris and Tecpetrol launch support program for SMEs


Ternium, Tenaris and Tecpetrol have announced the measures for effective exportation of suppliers and suppliers participating in the historic ProPymes program, which is the value chain of SMEs, customers and suppliers, comprising more than 900 SMEs. Production and Labor Minister Dante Sica participated in the launch and evaluated the progress of the official plan "Argentina Exports".

"We want SMEs to export and exporters are doing it again. This kind of initiative is the right way to achieve the goal we have set for ourselves in Argentina Exportac plan," said Sica, with more than 145 industrial SMEs with export experience. at the event. Bir It is the first time Argentina has determined this mission: to produce added value from a coordinated strategy between all public institutions and productive sectors. It is a paradigm shift for our development and will be the starting point for continuous growth with job creation. Geliş

The ProPymesExporta plan aims to achieve the annual competitive power of 145 SMEs participating in the ProPymes program to export $ 410 million annually from 120 million exports per year. For 17 years, ProPymes has been a means to encourage productive investment for SMEs, customers and suppliers, to increase their exports and to promote the effective substitution of imports. Now, ProPymesExporta aims to strengthen leveraged actions in order to sustain a group of SMEs in a sustainable way. Ternium, Tenaris and Tecpetrol have supported SMEs with the export of past and export capacities in agricultural machinery, auto parts, white lines, light profiles, oil accessories and industrial inputs sectors.

The measures described by ProPymes include SMEs to simplify foreign trade processes; creating indirect export prices; financial support due to reduction of payment terms; The network of Tenaris and Ternium commercial offices in 39 countries worldwide; The invitation to participate in international tenders for other Tenaris and Ternium factories of the Argentine SMEs around the world, the privilege of purchasing Argentine suppliers from other import alternatives; The appointment of an official ProPymes Agency to identify potentials, barriers, measures and others with SMEs and the Government.

The new guidelines were announced by Ternium Argentina Chief Executive Officer Martin Berardi and Tenaris Cono Sur President Javier Martínez Alvarez.

"ProPymesExporta aims to explain the measures that will accompany the value chain during the re-export process. We see the possibility that exports will be more structural than the conjuncture due to the macroeconomic situation of the exchange rate with our trading partners. : Exporting and investing more.

Today, President of Tenaris Cono Sur, Javier Martínez Alvarez, a company that exports 75% of his production, said, o Argentina must proceed with a strong export policy. We will support our offices and research and development centers so that these SMEs can differentiate themselves, develop processes and reach technical competences. Or He added: etmek The new macroeconomic conditions act as a starting factor to stimulate this recovery of exports in Argentina. However, ProPymes is trying to manage its systematic competitiveness, "he added.

"More than 1000 Argentine companies are now participating in the development of the Tecpetrol Fortin de Piedra in Vaca Muerta, Vaca Muerta, which has had a significant impact on the Argentine economy. and with a total investment of US $ 2,300 million by 2019, Tecpetrol invested $ 1,500 million in investment in a single warehouse, representing more than 10% of the gas produced today. The development of our gas processing facilities in Fortin de Piedra in the country is a clear example of the industrial capacity that needs to be strengthened: in the construction, we have reached 94% of the national goods purchases with 55% of the Argentine SMEs. For this reason, Vaca Muerta's import location for many Argentine SMEs In addition to convincing what we believe, we believe we are convinced that it can be encouraged to export, ği adds the President of the Tecpetrol President and CEO Carlos Ormachea.

Tenaris and Ternium predicted that Argentine SMEs will invite companies from Latin America and the world to participate in international tenders for other industrial facilities. Argentine metal-mechanical suppliers from Argentina to Monterrey, Veracruz, Cartagena, Bay City, Calgary, Kawasaki and Rio de Janeiro facilities, as well as, the imported alternative to the local suppliers are intended to give priority to the alternative. During the details, they announced opportunities in various sectors: lamination, rubber seals and rings, accessories for cables, blades and saws, accessories for cutting tools, measuring instruments, oils and chemical products, raw materials for alloy. Various materials within the scope of plan and information technology services.

Exporting SMEs and official vehicles

Foreign Trade Minister Marisa Bircher, Plan Argentina presented their knowledge on export experience, such as Exporta and SME suppliers and customers, as well as the head of oil industry supplier Tassaroli Alvaro Tassaroli. mining; The head of Mega Engineering is Marcelo Valfiorani, head of the agricultural machinery company and Miguel Abad, and the metal products producer Daniel Abad.

Finally, Alejandro Wagner, Director of the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency (AAICI) and Carlos Pirovano, Director of BICE, have announced all the tools available to SMEs seeking to come into the world.

The event was closed with 164 individual consultation tables with each of the official references to export pre-financing (BICE); medium and long-term exports (BICE); import of capital goods (BICE); Investment and working capital lines (WARRANTY, export guarantees (WARRANTY), technical standards and certificates, and Export Simple Plan (AAICI)


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