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Siembra, the musical bet for the Bomb Estéreo to take care of the environment


Colombian group Stereo Pump joined fight by environmental protection with new song and campaign Octoberto raise awareness and forest opening In various parts of the country, today (November 8, 2018) they informed the musical sources.

membership described the group's campaigns and simplicity as "an effort" musical stop forest opening in Colombia"and Amazon The country, Sony Music said in a statement.

Grupo Éxito is working to establish a project with the support of the Humboldt Institute, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and others. Trees and do ecological campaigns during musical tour Colombia & # 39;.

"We want to create a space to use our voice reflectionNicolás Mejía, the bassist of the group, called for action to draw attention to the importance of protecting the environment in Colombia.

According to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (Ideam), Colombia lost nearly 220,000 hectares forests last yearOf them, more than 65% in Amazon non – discriminatory felling.

In addition, deforestation contributes to the accelerated increase in global warming, ie extinction total profit and glaciersand 75% disappearance unproductive soils in the country

attempt The group was born after visiting the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and was inspired to create the Siembra. song her new album & # 39; & # 39 Ayo;, added the information.

"From that moment on, the practice has already gotten bigger awareness Mejía opposed the feedback given by music to us in actions and projects that helped to make the impact that humanity has on Earth less and lesser, "he added.

The series of concerts will begin on January 26 in the capital of Guaviare (South), San José Del Guaviare and will continue in Medellín, Cajicá, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla.

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