Tuesday , December 1 2020

SIC delivers 200 mega-users to Claro for misleading ads

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The operator must reimburse more than a million users for offering a free WhatsApp plan from 2015 to 2016. According to the SIC, certain functions of the application have generated reductions in user reloads.

The publication of this compensation plan will be made by SMS messages sent monthly to each beneficiary.Pixabay.

Industry and Trade Inspection (SIC) ordered Comcel S.A (Claro) From August 2015 to May 2016, deliver 200 megabytes to every user who is recharged because he expects to take advantage of WhatsApp for free.

According to the agency, the decision was made after the advertising campaign was determined. "We now give you Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp chat for your charges" it corresponded to deceptive ads because it did not explicitly declare the underlying conditions and restrictions behind the incentive.

SIC guarantees that the plan is not completely free"Some functions of the application (such as sharing voice calls or location between others) create discounts for recharges made by users in prepaid mode.

According to the decision of the compensation plan, all users who consume their data from the date of announcement of the promotion will benefit. Receivables from a package 20 MB Monthly with a week validity for ten months.

The solution warns to access the package to ensure that the customer remains active, that is, at least once. $ 1,000 60 days before the first compensation.

Moreover, the spread of this plan SMS messages It is directed monthly to each beneficiary. According to the statement, "200 MBs' provisioning of 200 MB, 200 MB of consumption and 200 MB of consumption" will be reported.

Claro cannot impose any conditions on its users to access this plan and November 20 They will publish the information of the beneficiaries on their website. According to the SIC, there are more than a million people.

May 2016 higher than SIC approved Comcel S.A & # 39; s $ 10,000 million to offer this promotion. Claro was forced to offer a compensation plan for users, and the Inspector had to intervene to adapt it to the purpose of the measure. This is the plan that will be activated when the operator identifies the date with the corresponding SMS messages.

Faced with the SIC's decision, Claro said he will continue to comply with the conditions set forth by the authority.

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