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Seven issues reduce the country's competitiveness

After the 13th edition, for the first time, the National Competitiveness Report described seven yedi irresistible leyen elements that hampered the development of Colombia.

The analysis, presented by the Special Competitiveness Council since 2007, shows that there are difficulties in waiting: the pension system, employment, economic openness, regional gaps, education, institutions and environmental sustainability.

Rağmen Although these problems have been identified, it is unacceptable to take effective action together with alternative solutions to solve them in some way. Structural. Isal

With regard to pensions, 0.2% of the pensions belong to the lowest income group (20%), while 48% of the richest said. In addition, 43% of urban workers contribute to old age, while rural 14%.

In this sense, the CPC proposes that the country progress in the design and implementation of a pension reform, increase the scope of the Mayor of Colombia program and include the Judicial Branch in the technical tables in which the reform is discussed.

Var There are many proposals to reform, but unfortunately, depending on who made them, they often have an interest that needs to be corrected, ”he says. Rosario CordobaPresident of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

According to the Administrative Affairs Act, the postponement of fundamental reforms, such as the Basic Labor Act, is one of the reasons that Colombia has the second highest unemployment rate in Latin America, which reached 10.2% in September. National Statistics (Dane).

For the CPC, it is necessary to overcome regulatory obsolescence, reduce non-labor wage costs and reinforce the recommendations of the National Development Plan on strengthening the Public Employment Service.

The difficult situation of economic gaps and layoffs has been added to pensions and unemployment.

TBM says there are huge regional inequalities in the country, indicating that indicators such as infant mortality and secondary education are "the best in Latin America".

And in terms of education, he explains that "only 44 out of 100 first-year students have finished secondary education". According to Córdoba, çocuklar if children do not bet, they are not educated and fed, there is a generation to lose kayb.

For him Ivan DukeThe Colombian president stated that eğitim education in today's world should be linked to the demanded needs ve and referred to it as a key example of the process in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It is not easy to understand why the country is still lagging behind after almost 30 years of economic opening.

Referring to the fact that foreign trade represented 36.8% in 2018, the business said that trade in goods and services increased by only 2% as a percentage of GDP, compared to those recorded in 1990.

For this reason, it proposes a reform of the tariff structure, the National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian) to launch the customs computer system and create a catalog in accordance with export requirements.

In addition, the executive notes about the institutions: “it is unacceptable that all of us think that justice does not work, that not enough files are emptied each year and that people are not independent”

And according to Córdoba, in environmental issues, he is concerned about the deforestation of a country "the size of Denmark" in this century.

For all of these, the TBM concluded that the necessary reforms should be made and that the decrease in competitiveness should be prevented.

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