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Samsung wins 30 CES 2019 Innovation Award for excellence in design and engineering



This prestigious program is a tribute to state-of-the-art design and engineering devices and services.

The awards show the legacy of Samsung's achievements in the development of progressive innovations in the industry. This year, Samsung winners they cover a wide variety of categories including images; physical preparation, sports and biotechnology; accessories for wireless devices; smart House; virtual and augmented reality; hardware, components and peripherals for computers; audio / video for vehicles; and sustainability and ecological design.

Bizim Last year we made significant investments in the 5G, IoT and IA areas, and it is an honor for us to be recognized for our strong efforts to help consumers and industry achieve what was not previously possible. Tim Said. President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America. Ün I'm proud of the creativity, motivation and innovative approach to delivering the best solutions of the group's type to the market. “

The CES Innovation Awards are supported by the Consumer Technologies Association (CTA) ™, the owner and organizer of CES. Many of the recognized products in the industry Samsung will be exhibited at CES 2019, which will be held on 8 – 11 January 2019 at Samsung stands (15006).Located in the central hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Others will be presented at the CES 2019 Innovation Awards Showcase at the Venetian Resort hotel in Las Vegas.

A selection of Samsung's award-winning products:

Samsung Galaxy Note9: The Galaxy Note series was recognized for introducing Samsung's latest revolutionary innovations. The super powerful Galaxy Note9 section of this heritage features a premium quality smartphone that delivers exceptional performance throughout the day. All day with a powerful battery[1], A new S Pen with Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity, the smartest camera Samsung has and a terabyte of storage space.[2]Galaxy Note9 is a phone with enough power to keep up with your life.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 helps you work smarter by maximizing your operation with 2 tablets made up of 1 tablet designed for those who want to do more outside the home and office. With the Samsung DeX, the longest battery, the refined S Pen and four AKG speakers, this new tablet makes productivity easier and offers more impressive entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Clock: A superior and powerful smart watch for those who want to do everything and be smart at the same time. Its long-life battery and LTE connectivity offer consumers a truly autonomous experience. Samsung's characteristic revolving frame and the most powerful styling options offer a smart watch with a traditional look and intuitive features. In addition to the new sleep and stress management functions, with more than 39 exercises and activities, this powerful clock focuses on consumers' health and wellness goals.

Duo wireless charger: With the combination of a fast charging dock and wireless charging platform, this two-in-one device allows users to charge their phones simultaneously with another wearable device or Qi-compatible phone. The charger eliminates the need to look for cables every time you need to recharge your device's batteries; Built-in support allows easy access to your mobile phone's screen.

Samsung DeX: The Samsung DeX offers users a PC-based experience directly from Samsung Galaxy mobile devices. It is obtained by connecting a mobile device to an external monitor or by changing a configuration on Galaxy TabS4. DeX allows users to use their phones or tablets as a touchpad or touchpad. DeX also offers "dual mode", so you can continue to use your phone or tablet while you're working on an external monitor, whether you're participating in video chat, drawing, and taking notes. Note9 users can use their own S Items to present their slides in DeX mode on a larger screen.

SmartThings Tracker: small and lightweight GPS tracking device connected with an LTE-M network[3] It helps people to follow the most important things quickly and accurately. Items can be easily tracked in real-time with Samsung's SmartThings app, compatible with Android and iOS, whether it's a lost sport bag in school or a pet that could be moved away from your home.[4]. Family members can also send a location notification to the SmartThings app to stay connected to the SmartThings Tracker and report the rest of the family to their location. Because it is enabled for SmartThings, the SmartThings Tracker can be used as a arrival sensor that activates automations such as a connected porch light that is activated when the device is within range.

CHG70 Monitor (800x600)

HMD Odyssey +: This Windows realistic reality helmet offers surprisingly sharp details and comfort to users, and is attracted to their favorite games and content. In addition to the Super AMOLED screens, the HMD Odyssey + has a new screen technology called the Anti-Screen Door Effect, so players no longer have to worry about motion sickness and distorted images. The superior design of the HMD Odyssey + perfectly complements the intense and dynamic sound of AKG technology, including 360 ° spatial sound as well as a 360 ° spatial sound, to provide a streamlined and more realistic user experience.

Samsung Galaxy A6: For those who want a more economical smartphone, the Galaxy A6 offers a visor, a powerful camera and a new level of comfort. With bright, vivid colors and a Super AMOLED Infinity display that delivers your content with expandable storage support up to 400GB, the Galaxy A6 offers ample room for videos, music and files. With 16 MP front and rear cameras, users can take great photos and selfies, and turn F1.7 on the rear camera, bright and clear images in low light conditions.

RDIMM DDR4 3DS 256GB Samsung: The highest density memory module for the fastest DDR4 and next-generation enterprise server platforms in the industry is offered with the highest-density, high-performance infrastructure solutions with extremely low power consumption (15 years). 1.2 V).

512GB Samsung Universal flash storage: Samsung's new 64-layer V-NAND chips and 512 gigabits are the industry's first A / V systems and the first 512-gigabyte internal flash memory (eUFS) for the new generation of flagship mobile devices. The 512 GB eUFS package transmits a full HD video equivalent to the SSD up to 5 GB in about six seconds, 8 times faster than a typical microSD card.

NVMe 3.84TB Samsung Z-SSD: The SZ1733 offers a new level of computing for IoT applications, AI analysis and super computing for Big Data. New Samsung Z-NAND chips -NAND 3 bits offering 10 times higher cell read performance than V-chips.

Samsung LM302S: Today's newest user-focused lighting platform is designed to improve business efficiency by providing a better circadian rhythm (sleep / wake-up cycle) throughout the day. day to night and a healthy dream. Samsung's concentrated LED solution can increase a person's concentration by up to 10% to achieve higher work efficiency. In addition, it can help people sleep better during the night because the melatonin hormone is suppressed by the LM302S throughout the day.

Samsung SSM-U Series: A new type of intelligent module with a range of small radar-based sensors with higher detection sensitivity and higher detection sensitivity than conventional sensors for greater design flexibility in intelligent sensors. The SSM-U series can detect light movements and transmit the signal to other components to control illumination at the right time.

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