Thursday , January 21 2021

Sad news! A young boxer dies in full fight

A 13-year-old boy was killed during a helpful Thai boxing match (Muay Thai) near Bangkok, the police said while drafting a law in the country to ban child wars.

Police said Anucha Tasako had suffered a brain hemorrhage after receiving several blows to his head in Samut Prakan province on November 10th.

According to local media, the youngster who used the nickname Phetmongkol Sor Wilaithong had fought since the age of eight and participated in more than 150 battles.

This drama "I regret", wrote on his Facebook page his rival Nitikron Sonde. Edi But I have to do my best to win and get enough money to pay for my work, “he added.

"I'm not angry with the referee or the other guy," he said on the second day of the funeral, his uncle was AFP Aphichati Wannaphak. Edi This happens in sports, “he added.

None of the teenagers were wearing helmets.

Health workers are considering the implementation of this sport, which is dangerous among children exposed to brain injuries.

The authorities are trying to adopt a bill that meets Thai boxing encounters in less than 12 years.

Defense Ministry spokesman Prawit Wongsuwan said Wednesday that a sports reporter has instructed "feasibility study about this feasibility", said the Defense Ministry spokesman on Wednesday.

However, there are Thai boxing personalities who oppose the bill, which argues that it is against tradition and that young boxers who are generally very weak will economically affect their families.

Tawee Umpornmaha, 59, in the Los Angeles Games at AFP in 1984 39 99% of the most famous Thai boxers who won medals at the Olympic Games began fighting as a child.

Ör The point is to know if we have adequate security measures, yeterli he added, the old boxer who started at the age of 12 and participated in more than 200 battles during his career.

The images of the war spread by local media provoked anger in social networks. "You can barely stand up, the referee didn't stop the war," a Facebook user cried.

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