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Procurement of goods worth US $ 1 billion per minute. How was it done? – Sectors – Economy

Single Day, the golden day of Chinese e-commerce, started midnight in Asian countries (16.00 GMT on Sunday) with $ 1,000 million purchases in just a minute on the electronic giant Grupo Alibaba platforms. .

At twelve o'clock on the 11th of the 11th month, the offers took action, millions of Chinese people began to make compulsory purchases, and Alibaba began counting orders to cut the sales record online within a day. .

Only $ 4.3 billion worth of products sold on platforms like the first five minutes Taobao or T-Mall It is similar at shopping party Black Friday American celebrating its eleventh edition.

The goal is to exceed $ 30,649 million sold in one day last year; A figure expected to be won by China and by more and more Internet users and online purchasers.

As a matter of fact, according to the results of Grupo Alibaba published in early November, the annual active consumers in China increased by 15.3% compared to a year ago and reached 693 million.

In 2009, the festival was opened with only 27 stores and a collection of only 52 million yuan.

To compare the number of sales reached in Single Day each year, it is 2.5 times the sum of "Black Friday" and "Cyber ​​Monday" (").Cyber ​​Monday") together, when US businesses launched their bids.

Most purchases

Although most purchases have been made in China, there are international transactions due to the platform's presence in other countries. AliExpress.

Despite the rest of the sales platforms online Along with thousands of physical stores, Alibaba is the main organizer of the festival. In fact, he celebrates his style with a previously televised gala, where artists and celebrities encourage people to buy.

Today's show, which ended with a countdown marking the beginning of shopping, was held in Shanghai and was performed by artists such as the American singer. Taylor fast.


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