Friday , May 20 2022

Peiky was selected as the best start in the Startup & Investor Summit 2018 in Colombia


The sixth version of Colombia's Startup & Investor Summit on November 9, is a platform that aims to inspire, educate and connect entrepreneurs, investors and companies in Colombia each year and consolidates them as the most important of their kind at the national level. successful. Local. The event took place in Bogotá, Salitre Chamber of Commerce, and there were about 1,500 participants.

In the 2018 edition, there was an agenda enriched with panels, presentations and nine workshops for entrepreneurs headed by representatives of Google, Splice, Rappi, WeWork and Telefónica. One of the venues was a work culture workshop by Matteo Cera from Hogaru. This study explained that having a clear and inalienable values ​​and principles from the creation of a company is necessary to make decisions and to recruit suitable people. Initially, entrepreneur Carolina Medina shared the lessons of the closure of Agruppa and a series of tips for entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture and logistics.

Marcos Eguillor, IE Business School, has identified some of the keys to collaboration between entrepreneurs and companies, an entrepreneur's risk perception, how time and money are different from that of a company's manager, and how to relate between meeting points. both sides. "Corporate Enterprise and open innovation are already a reality and a must for companies in Colombia, and are delighted to see actors such as Avianca, Telefónica, Grupo Bolívar Davivienda and Accenture," said Wayra Colombia Director Johanna Harker. .

But, of course, the best thing about the event was the quality and maturation of the projects presented in the competition. After a public vote, Peiky was the best bid-selected starter, a tool to improve the entire informal sales process through chat. The tool helps those who are selling on social networks to maximize every purchasing incentive until it is a real sale without leaving your smartphone.

With Peiky, 17 different initiatives were made from Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, and Chile; they passed an evaluation phase that took into account different criteria to measure their potential and viability. These companies had the opportunity to participate in a business conference with the investors behind closed doors the day before the gate, which is an auspicious area that opens up opportunities for capital injection. As a result of the steering, there were more than 350 strategic meetings.

The event was supported by representatives and representatives of the government and the private sector such as Telefónica, Wayra, IE Business School, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Bolivar Davivienda Foundation, Google, .CO Internet, SENA, Wework, Accenture. Pappcorn, Rappi, Coca-Cola, and Buffalo Wings.

Henceforth, an invitation to participate in the next edition of the Colombia Startup & Investor Summit will be opened. To be notified, register for the event newsletter:

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