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“Passion of Falcons” It is one of the most successful Colombian telenovelas of the 2000s. Melodrama starring Danna GarciaMario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss, and Michel Brown have deeply penetrated their fans and have remained etched in the memory of the audience to this day and continue to enjoy every episode since coming to Netflix.

Beyond the love story of the Elizondo brothers and Reyes, the home of heroines, the hacienda continues to be the most important thing in the story as it continues to enchant its followers with its beautiful architecture.

In real life, this place exists and is still in top shape. Next, we tell you his story and show you what he looks like today.


Hawks Passion It was recorded between 2003 and 2004, and what few people know is that half of the recordings were held at a magnificent restaurant located on the outskirts of Bogota. Portico‘The building that has several places like a small town, serving exactly as a farm in between.’Bernardo Elizondo ‘.

The farm was built in the 1960s and opened its doors as a restaurant for the first time in May 1968. Then more and more buildings were gradually built around this place, and this is how a small town outside the city of Colombia was created.

As time passed, the buildings built in this place began to be adapted and furnished, as they were in 2003 when the construction began. Hawks Passion: A hotel complex and event center, currently eleven independent rooms such as the town hall, railway station, wine cellar and others apart from the aforementioned structures.

Hawks Passion
Hawks Passion

One of the most popular buildings San Isidro monasteryReformed to create RTI’s homeRule’, ‘Jimena ‘ and ‘Sarita ‘ the people see it remake from Still waters Published by Caracol Televisión and Telemundo about 18 years ago.

Over time, the monastery Portico Some modifications – for example the color of the structure – have offered, but remain virtually the same as seen on the small screen, so the Elizondo farm is easy to recognize at first glance.

It currently receives many tourists from all over the world and the most amazing is Mario cimarro arriving with his girlfriend in February 2020 Weaponry.

Mario Cimarro visited El Pórtico, where the telenovela was filmed. "Hawks Passion" (Photo: Instagram)
Mario Cimarro visited El Pórtico, where the telenovela “Pasión de gavilanes” was recorded (Photo: Instagram)

This, without a doubt, created a lot of nostalgia in the broadcast that I enjoyed from the beginning to the end of the story of Pasión de gavilanes.

Another of the actors who visited El Pórtico was actress Paola Rey, which caused great excitement among her followers.

Especially Portico He didn’t just lend his abbey Hawks Passion, It has another location too, so 50 percent of the TV series was shot in this place completely full of life and personality.

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