Monday , September 26 2022

Neymar exploded the PSG with the referee who brought the PSG to the Champions League.


PSG 1-1 Equal to Naples Champions League and placed in the third position of the group. After the meeting Neymar The referee showed Björn Kuipers the referee give the whistle to his forehead.

"The referee is a man and can make a mistake, but his behavior is disrespectful to the players. So I lost control and made a few words with him. He doesn't play a whistle or a card is on everyone," he said. Neymar for Globoesport to.

The Brazilian star said that Kuipers should not be punished. PSG; In addition, for the constant claims received the yellow card in the last minute of the match.

On the other hand, Neymar I understood that moment PSG in Champions League, It is ranked third in the C group behind Naples and Liverpool.

"I think it's hard to talk at the moment, but the result isn't good. We're here to win, our team doesn't have to think about a draw. I'm not satisfied. I'm very upset with the Eve. . Neymar.

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