Sunday , October 17 2021

NEWS: Cundinamarca Governor's security chief was injured in the clash with the thieves


In the midst of the attempted robbery, Cundinamarca Governor General of Police Chief Prosecutor Montoya Giraldo John Jairo was wounded with a firearm.

According to Cundinamarca Police, the event was shown on Wednesday night at 9:30 pm in the Riviera area of ​​Engativá.

"At the same time, Lord Mayor runs the donation weapon that affects one of the criminals discharged in the same place" Emphasizes the expression.

In confrontation, authorities succeeded in capturing Yamith Barrios.

According to officials, the person was recently sentenced to prison, cAccording to the freedom of this year 18 October.

Cundinamarca Governor's security chief was injured in a clash with the thieves

"Klinika of the Alliance was admitted to Colombia, and his family received psychosocial support from the authorities of Metropolitana de Bogotá", emphasizes communication.


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