Wednesday , December 2 2020

Nazi stickers in Germany by storm in the eye WhatsApp | Tecnologia

Popular stickers in WhatsApp are a way for my conversations to be more dynamic, so many of them tend to use them. However, social networking is a discussion for new stickers pack This is considered racist.

in GermanyHe hopes Nazism will disappear since the country in which it emerged and the end of the Second World War. swastikas or SS runesThat is why a new package of these symbols in WhatsApp has caused great controversy in that country.

It was against the Jewish Forum of Germany and Anti-Semitism for democracy. excitement condemns the creation of such figures WhatsApp and even to intervene to prevent the use of Facebook.

According to the Bild newspaper, Extreme right German uses these stickers to push the debate. Also, Neo-Nazis In this function, they found a quick way to share their anti-Semitic ideas through WhatsApp, which enables the creation of these labels for free.

A spokesperson for the application condemned the images in question. Asked users condemn Illegal content for WhatsApp to identify them and block their accounts.

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