Friday , September 24 2021

Nation to compensate family of victim of 2002 attack on Uribe

The Council of State decided that the Nation, the Ministry of Defense and the National Police would be responsible for restitution of the family.

There will be 977 million pesos payableConsidering that the attack on then-presidential candidate Álvaro Uribe, attributed to the FARC, “was a predictable fact because he was the target of threats and other attempts against the candidate’s life.”

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Likewise, the complaint was filed by the Army, Police, Department of Administrative Security (DAS), Department of Atlántico, and the Barranquilla District.they did not take the necessary security measures for the life and safety of the applicant and those close to him. of the caravan attacked that day

The State Council recalls that the Atlantic Administrative Court has already dismissed the claim, arguing that the attack had not been proven to have been “directed”. against a person or entity protected by the respondent parties, or against State property that may be considered a military target. or a refusal to control public order”.

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However, the family applied to the high court, which found that it was indeed “information known to the police”. indicating the danger that exists about possible attacks against the island at that time”.

“Despite this, there are statements that security coordination is delayed; that the caravan did not have prior knowledge of the route to be followed, could not investigate the security conditions and in this case could not take preventive measures; In addition, it could not be ensured that the activity is carried out in places that follow the route that represents the least risk and causes the greatest danger.”

Finally, he confirms that Sijín knew about the attacks not only on Uribe Vélez, but also on his rival Horacio Serpa, who died on October 31.

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