Saturday , November 28 2020

NASA plans to make commercial flights and bring tourists to the region

Economic needs facing NASA will cause the agency to seek financing by meeting the demands of private investors.

NASA may face one of the biggest changes that it has recently seen. This is because the US government does not want to take over the high costs of the Agency and plans to begin to eliminate them in the coming years. Desperate and at a critical moment The organization designs new horizons: private enterprise.

This would be revealed by the Washington Post, saying NASA would look for an answer to the White House's intention to stop the International Space Station from direct financing by 2025. Everything seems to be part of a plan brought together by their managers. For two months as described by manager Jim Bridenstine.

And how was this accomplished? Well, it makes some millionaires attractive to spend their money on space vacations. True: NASA is planning to sell commercial flights to take tourists into space.

Both agency leaders and private sector representatives seem very optimistic about forming an alliance. As they explain, They are hoping to get more infrastructure and funding to continue to innovate in the future..

NASA has no idea what to do with the International Space Station when its useful life ends.

What would the options be?

The offer includes selling seats directly for tourists to go into space. But not only that, it was evaluated to allow the use of the NASA logo for commercial offers.. It won't be strange if you're seeing astronauts on television just to promote space travel in a few years.

They would even know if they could start selling their rights to their rockets.. The idea here is to stop being so restrictive in using images for special purposes so far. In fact, they can participate in programs to develop space activities with children who dream of becoming astronauts.

Please note that the agency has not produced its own ferries since 2011. Therefore, he had to cooperate with Roscosmos and companies such as SpaceX and Boeing. Therefore, this section will only be the result of what he or she has lived in recent years.

The possibilities are many. Therefore, NASA should be careful about what to choose, but it should take care to take action before the funds are finished.

NASA astronauts playing tennis in space

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