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Martha Ortiz announces retirement from EL COLOMBIANO


Martha Ortiz Gómez, director of EL COLOMBIANO, announced his retirement from his office since August 2012. He has been working at this publishing house since 2009. Jorge Hernández contacted Restrepo at the invitation. Previously, he had occupied the Strategy and Business Management of the newspaper La República. After joining EL COLOMBIANO, he led the process of transforming both the printed newspaper and all the multimedia platforms in which our publications have reached a wide audience today. He managed the Innovation Laboratory of EL COLOMBIANO (ECOLab), took over as Sub-Director and then at the invitation of Juan Gómez Martínez.

That's the letter Martha Ortiz said goodbye to.

Before the board of directors on November 25, the outgoing director will submit a management report and provide a strategic guide for the future development of the organization upon a special request from the partners.

EL COLOMBIANO offers the best financial results of the national sector, which has proven itself to be one of the most important and reliable media in the country with its national and international recognition with the most subscribers of its 107-year history. Thanks to new business units (ECestudio and ECOLab, among others) and a first class professional team dedicated to the implementation of excellent journalism, there is a versatile working ecosystem to provide endless multi-platform possibilities.

EL COLOMBIANO members, directors and employees ensure the sincere recognition of the most important tasks of Martha Ortiz and appreciate their work capacity and professional and ethical level in which they fulfill the responsibilities of their positions. put the newspapers and publications of this publisher into their current national leadership position.

Envigado, November 7, 2019 ”.

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