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Mario Segale is the name of Nintendo's most famous plumber.


In 1981, Mario Segale entered Nintendo's North American headquarters, requesting the rent of his building and, unintentionally, a place in the history of pop culture.

By Marcos Merino


Mario Bros, the legendary fitter of video games, is troubled and viral in IMAGE

Mexico City, 11 November (TICbeat / SinEmbargo) .- The Last Date of Video Games A popular book about the history of video games by journalist Steven L. Kent. This is the first time in its pages that tells a story that skips the headlines: Marion, popular character Nintendo Since it was better known to Mickey Mouse in 1991, he got his name (after being created as Jumpman) and Italian history.

1981; Nintendo's North American branch undergoes financial problems, but received a call from his father, Minoru Arakawa, his father-in-law (Hiroshi Yamauchi, Chairman) Nintendoto announce the preparation of a new gameDonkey KongThis will make the company's most popular gaming halls in the United States. But by the way, America Nintendo He has to deal with the debts: until then Arakawa discusses with the owner of the rented building they used as general manager and agrees to postpone the payment until the game is launched. His name was Mario Segale, and he was the inspiration for the change in the name of the common star of the carpenter. Donkey Kong (Change in the profession of the fitter later).

The sadness of this anecdote being topical was the last death of Segale at the age of 84. But who really Mario Segale? Was he a plumber? Italian? Or was it highlighted by his thick mustache? Well, he was really the son of Italian immigrants, but not more. Far from being a plumber, he was a leading and influential property developer in Washington state. And there's no evidence of wearing a mustache.

A known Segala It hasn't linked to this particular video game history (on the other hand, a link that is never officially recognized) Nintendo). The two were the reasons for his rejection: the lack of seriousness in the absence of a serious worker like him, and the character's most obvious stereotypes of Italian-Americans. In an interview he only once spoke about his digital names Seattle Timesand then just said, jokingly, expects to "control the rights to the image".

Mario Segale died at the age of 84. Photo: Twitter, Nintenderos

Technically, it can be said a second time: In 1993, 8 years before Kent's book was published, David Sheff had told a similar story in his book. Game over. But Sheff misprinted Mario's last name as "Segali." Segala They came to Nintendo's headquarters when the workers chose the names for the character, and when they left, they said, "Super Mario!" They screamed. but Super Mario It is a game that has not been released after 4 years.


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