Monday , October 25 2021

Karol G, the photos she revealed; showed his chest; Let’s see a lot on Instagram


Karol G She shared a few photos of her where she looks like she’s wearing a white lingerie, but not very well pinned.

Actually, one can see dip collar This shows the right side of his chest with a transparency.

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The images were released on the night of Wednesday, September 15, were not accompanied by any messages and were already there within minutes. Millions of “likes”.

What’s special is that not only are her fans flooding her with compliments and comments, but most of his fans reacted with messages of praise for the popular ‘Bichota’.

However, it’s not the first time the artist has boldly posed for her followers, as she has previously posted photos showing various parts of her body while wearing it. small, translucent suits leaves little to the imagination.

Karol G shows off a lot of boobs on Instagram

The images in question are available on the singer’s Instagram account, which can be accessed by those who want to like it and like it. Click here.

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