Thursday , June 30 2022

Girl body, found by Soledad (Atlántico) – Barranquilla – drifted by flow in Colombia


Authorities and charities are still looking for Madeleine Ramos, the mother of the child.


It's where the 5-year-old girl's lifeless body is.




November 6, 2018, 06:05.

This Tuesday, after an intense search for early morning calls, found the girl's lifeless body after being dragged along with her mother, Madeleine Ramos García. In the municipality of Soledad (Atlántico), by El Salao.

The minor appeared on the 12th of October at the height of the sector near the municipal market. Earlier in the day, some 35-year-old woman's belongings and some of her young daughter were found.

A briefcase, wet wipes and medicines were part of what was found one kilometer from the Pumarejo Bridge, near the pier of the Barranquilla aqueduct.

The mother and her daughter were in a Chevrolet Spark vehicle when they confronted the two meters height, which was warned of the power coming from the current El Salao stream. after heavy rains in the municipality.

The car also included husband and wife Marlon Sandoval, who had been expelled by a spectacle.


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