Thursday , August 5 2021

For the ringleader of the terrace in Medellín, they investigated the birthday celebrations with gunpowder and mariachis: a ringleader of the terrace was to celebrate his birthday with mariachi and gunpowder. | parts

controversial celebration recorded in a video wanders in social networks. Seems like, mariachi, gunpowder and bombsNear the prison Pedregalfriends and Relatives of William Andrés Moscoso Monsalve, aka " child"Or" the monkey"They celebrated birthdays.

This guy Leader of the accusation group La Terraza and he was sentenced to one year in prison The capital of Antioquia.

Information of judicial control institutions Apparently they warned this celebration that took place between 9 and 10 November., matches William Andrés Moscoso Monsalve's date of birth, November 9, 1981.

In a video on social networks, high points of the mountain she is he sings around the mariachi to the prison, flyers, bombs and people He directs his voice and chorion to a fixed point of the offender.

For now officials didn't confirm celebration as the ringleader of La Terrazabut they warn that they will repeat. The sale of gunpowder, incineration, distribution and sale in Medellin is prohibited..

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