Wednesday , September 28 2022

football player gets insulted


Karolina Sarasua is a football player from Spain’s Osasuna B team who receives insults in the middle of the game such as “I’m going to rape you”, “show your thong” or “you have a good face to suck”. ”.

Considering the situation, when the first part of the match was over, the player decided to take the time to write down all the insults that were said to him and then report them.

The insults were uttered by a group of men watching the match between Osasuna B and SD Nueva Montaña.

In connection with the terrible incident, a colleague of Karolina took a photo of the insults and shared it on social networks.

The photo that María Blanco Armendariz shared on Twitter immediately went viral. Similarly, the networks were flooded with complaints and comments from the team and fans.

“Osasuna wants to show that he disapproves of comments received by one of the #OsasunaFemB players during this afternoon’s game.” He confirmed the team’s official account on Twitter.

In addition, Barcelona player Alexia Putellas said: “We must all do our best so that there is no more in sports or anywhere. This is very serious.”

In a tweet, Karolina thanked her followers for their support and empathy and wished that no one would experience a similar situation.

‘We will rape his whole team’: Football player gets insulted in the middle of the match

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