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Today, November 21, celebrates World Day for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The World Health Organization (WHO) statement is hazır a progressive and potentially fatal disease a that can lead to exacerbations and other serious illnesses.

According to the Morbidity Burden Study in the World, the Epoc prevalence in 2016 was 251 million cases, and it is estimated that this disease cost the lives of 3,17 million people worldwide.

According to data from the American research project on "Latin America 's pulmonary obstruction in Montevideo and the metropolitan area, eight patients out of 10 were not diagnosed with the disease. Meanwhile, according to data from the Uruguay Medical Association, 15% of people nationally suffer from Epoc, but only 20% of those diagnosed have made a diagnostic study of the disease.


Dr. Maciel Hospital, an expert Dr. Victorina Lopez explained to El País that Epoc is "a disease characterized by people who are obstructing the airflow, which may depend on many factors." cigaret.

"There are a number of risk factors that are tobacco, so drop out. And don't smoke if you don't have the habit. However, there are environmental factors, such as gases, fumes, pollution, less ventilation, or wood-smoke cooking places," said the expert.

In the meantime, "respiratory disease in childhood" is a risk factor because it "slows down lung growth and does not allow the lungs to reach normal size" causes a discomfort.

Ek Any damaging thing, a noxa for the lung, irritating or flaring it, closes the bronchi and creates a blockage, “he added.


On the occasion of World Epoc Day, the Pulmonary Function Laboratory of Maciel Hospital will carry out a free activity to raise awareness about the disease to be managed by Victorina López.

The doctor, kadar on the third Wednesday of November in the world, points to World Epoch Day and tries to diagnose as early as possible and makes the work more convenient.

A tent will be established between 9:00 and 13:00 in Plaza Fabini (18 July and Rio Negro) and a free spirometer for smokers over 40 years old and older smokers will be provided for the diagnosis of respiratory health.

Doctor, yesterday, tomorrow, to see how the lung function, and eventually to control the disease will be aimed at people over 40 who smoke or smoke, '' he said.

Or We started to control 40 years old smokers and old smokers, but we always think it's 35 years ago, “he says.

The aim of the activity is to have an early diagnosis of the disease, because when it was previously treated, the probability of prognosis and treatment would be better.

"It's a very common disease. And it's a chronic character that has developed over the years. Most of the time a person has a cough, he has phlegm, but he doesn't think about the disease because he smokes and he doesn't do a study with spirometry," he added.

The free analysis is not the same as the blood alcohol level, but shares the name: "The person using a device is used, and then the speed at which the air is removed depends on how open they are. They have a series of tables that tell what the normal value is for individuals with normal bronchi. Those with congestion have less. T

Those who come to this square today and meet the conditions, first of all, will do a study of the health team of Maciel. You will then have a consultation with the pulmonologists and pulmonary technicians. If it is justified, people will be directed to a public or private aid center.

Diseases with high prevalence in the world

On the third Wednesday of November of each year, the World was designated as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day (Epoc).

Uruguay is one of the countries that contributed to the efforts to detect and prevent it over time.

Akciğer Epoc is the third cause of death in the world after lung diseases and cancers,. Said Victorina López, El País.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), over 90% of deaths due to COPD occur in low- and middle-income countries.

"In our country" Epoc frequency in individuals aged 40 years and older is 14% in a general study. However, when someone goes to the hospital environment, the number is higher, reaching 20%. So we have quite a high prevalence.

It is possible to take preventive measures and treat patients better when the disease is detected in time. The response is much larger and patients achieve a better quality of life.

The WHO, meanwhile, says the incidence of Epoc may increase in the coming years due to smoking and the aging of the population in many countries.

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