Sunday , November 29 2020

Envigado mayor circulated contracts

For several months, the office of the Prosecutor's Office was following the contracts signed by the Mayor of Envigado. And at least three of them were arrested along with Raul Eduardo Cardona Gonzalez and several of the nightmares who arrested the mayor today.

The y fairness of contracts er would also include the municipal correspondent José Conrado Restrepo, whose steps are still being taken, but taking steps towards voluntary surrender according to official sources.

Contracts and payments

EL COLOMBIANO learned that one of the alleged corruption cases involved irregular sales in an area of ​​11,994 square meters located in the rural part of the municipality. According to Chief Public Prosecutor Néstor Humberto Martínez, the aim was to declare a place in the village of Pantanillo as a reserve area.

The Undersecretariat of Treasury, the Commissioner, the representative of a commission and the individual owner of the company participated in the process. After the secretary and the commission found out the work was closed, the prosecutor made some speeches about the aralarında build a good team aralarında commission.

Researchers' research allowed the party to know that it was purchased by the Envigado Municipality for a value of 2,900% higher than what the seller paid.

For the party, according to researchers, a percentage payment for personal gain was accepted, which was sent to private accounts.

According to the prosecutor's office, an agreement was signed with the Ministry of ICT authority to authorize that up to 12 schools in Envigado have personal and political benefits.

Public servants who have been taken into custody will also establish a network of irregularities for the appointment of persons in monthly appointments, free assignment and dismissal positions, and the granting of millionaire contracts.

Lawyer General Néstor Humberto Martínez, "Mayor Cardona" has been recognized that the exconcejal & # 39; Ben I did the demands.

Martinez said he had made another speech between Mayor Cardona and an unidentified person, who said he was asked to resign because an employee was unable to pay $ 400,000 a month. In the speech, the mayor replied, "This issue is very complicated and we cannot reach it."


The Prosecutor's Office, in addition to Cona Mayor Cardona, arrested Envigado Treasury Secretary Girlesa Mesa Medina; Mayor Diego Fernando Echavarría, Minister of Education and Lindon Johnson Galeano Abello.

Second, he lost his investment as a member of parliament, after being registered by the Antioquia Administrative Court, as registered in the Chief Prosecutor's Office, following the alleged violation of the disability regime approved by the First Section of the Council of State. .

The arrest warrant was issued against the municipal correspondent, José Conrado Restrepo Valencia, and Reynel Bedoya Rodríguez, legal representative of the Education Program affiliated to the Ministry of ICT.

Citizens Esteban Rodríguez Ruiz, Camilo Andrés Correa Berruecos and Luz Marcela Quintero were also deprived of their liberty.

The investigating authority, in accordance with the degree of responsibility of the detainees, for improper offenses, for improper termination of contracts not in compliance with legal requirements, excessive interest in the signing of contracts, bribery, bribery.

Mayor Envigado Office, through the press office, sent a statement stating that he did not know the details of the capture. "We are confident of the innocence of Mayor Cardona Gonzalez and we pay attention to the official statements of the authorities," the statement said.

At six o'clock. This Thursday, an extraordinary government council will be held at the Municipality of Envigado.

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