Saturday , January 22 2022

Did Silvestre Dangond meet with Ivan Duque in the Palace?


Presidential President Iván Duque and singer Silvestre Dangond said there was no meeting. Versions appeared on servers RCN News from Eva Rey.

Nariño's house, Last Thursday, university students and their teachers developed more student walks to improve the deficit in the public sector from the National Government. Wild Dangond in Nariño's House, Place of execution.

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He said he had come to Duque to confirm the support of the Colombian singer. "There are loves that never die," the journalist said. Almost hundreds of users, through social networks, began to criticize the action of the President in order to enable the President to take action. "Director of Artists"I need to talk to students at public universities.

One of the critics of the meeting was a journalist and youtuber Daniel Samper OspinaIn his Twitter account, he said, the president must devote himself to managing the Sayco company, which is responsible for collecting public communications for artists and singers. "President Duque: resigned the presidency of the Republic and Take over the presidency of SaycoHis matter, "said Samper.

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Political leaders at the same time Congressman Angélica Lozano and Interior of Luis Ernesto Gómez's exviceminsitro They criticized the meeting.

However, neither the President nor the Silvestre Dangond either confirmed or refused his alleged meeting. They said that such a meeting of the Presidency did not happen to LA FM.

Recently, Maluma came to Casa de Nariño to talk with the President about the Geç art of dreams ”.

"I have had the opportunity to meet with the President today. I would like to thank you for the great invitation and the blessing of knowing that we share so many ideals and the first to work for the youth of our country. It comes with very important projects." The art of imagination & # 39; and the Presidency! "has obtained her singer from her Instagram account.

The students continue to claim that the National Government is listening to them to reach an agreement between them. Jennifer Pedraza, leader of the Colombian Higher Education Student Representative Association He asked the President for answers.

In the context of: As with all the students, Ivan Duque expects them to receive them.

. After two months of unemployment, the government insists on ignoring the lack of functioning of universities, how many buildings should collapse or how many universities must collapse for how many universities collapse and collapse? Twitter account.

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