Wednesday , August 4 2021

Daily Mail: Everton may sell James Rodriguez

The Everton coach declined to speak timely about James Rodriguez at his first official press conference, but said the club would look for a way to sell some of the players that were costing the team high and were not leading the charge. Raise money to make solutions and transfers for Financial Fair Play. daily mail It nominates the Colombian to leave as the highest paid person.

Benítez and Brands are clear that Everton’s investment in recent years has been substantial. Considering that there are some players that won’t be as prominent in the new cycle and that are expensive for the club.They would look for a way to find another club to financially ease the institution. James receives £7 million a year.

“Everyone knows this club has spent a lot of money in recent years, which means financial Fair Play is a factor. If you have high-paying players who don’t normally play, then you want to find a solution. and this solution will mean you have money to spend on new players,” Benitez said.

The team is looking for reinforcements, but as far as they can get from some sales, Fabian Delph is another player who could leave the company for his salary and it seems DT won’t count it. We will try to maximize what we have and manage it as best we can to make sure we can bring in players that will make us strong.”said DT.

James works hard to earn a place

James's photo

The Colombian has since July 5, when Everton started their pre-season. He worked with his teammates without any problems and showed signs of wanting to be the hero of the team this season, managed to play for a few minutes in their first friendly match and even wore the ’10’ jersey.

They highlighted the partnership with 20-year-old striker Anthony Gordon, who returned from England during training, where he was very active, after being on loan, and could be a good alternative for the coach. Considering you’re trying to manage the payroll with what you’ve got other than what might come.

The Colombian player’s contract is one year away and exit rumors subsideConvincing the coach that he’ll be key to the goals they’ve outlined and secure a spot on the starting lineup will depend on his pre-season work. 30 years from now may be the right time for James to be a reference point for Toffees..

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