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Cynthia Pérez, the new “first lady Cart of Cartagena. | UNIVERSAL

Cynthia Pérez Amador could not bear to cry. At 7:30 at night, he hadn't finished counting the votes yet, but his victory was indisputable. William Dau was elected by more than 113,000 Cartagena as its new president.

theon an improvised stage, and more than 300 people cheered to the polls from below. And there, next to the mayor, was Cynthia, a humble woman who once lived in a slum and once was campaign manager, but beyond that, her right hand and the most loyal servant.

PASo, in his anti-corruption speech and thanks to the citizens, William raised his working arm with victory and joked in front of everyone: ken When I get a girlfriend or wife, my campaign manager will be the first lady in Cartagena. I recognized him more than a year ago and he was the only one who believed in me. "

Lpeople's enthusiasm, sincerely expecting words, nor tears flowing in the face of tears, full of emotions.

But who is the woman behind the new president's campaign? Yesterday he explained how he met Dau and the pre-election process, already assimilated by the effect of victory and thinking of the incoming universe.

Start of connection

One and a half years before the Let's Cartagena movement began to grow stronger in social networks, Cynthia was one of the hottest followers of Dau's virtual support for complaints and publications.

Bir He once contacted me through networks to help him erase important walls and political publicity on wall walls. He told me to coordinate a point and I agreed, he sent me a paint cocktail to my house and we started working. We cleaned up a few walls. We started to connect there, then I started to help him with the fight against corruption, and then when I told him about his intention to become mayor, I explained the geographical division, composition and other details of the city. I had a fixed salary and we started. At the end of May, William finally came to Cartagena to look for those who wanted to be part of the JAL, Council and Assembly lists, but no one wanted, no one feared, no one wanted to support an activist He decided to run for the presidency. Pérez Amador lives with his family in the El Reposo neighborhood.

His right hand

Cynthia was responsible for leading the signature collection team, so William Dau was registered as a mayor candidate in the Registry.

Three people formed the committee, and six were advisors, but there were many volunteers on the streets to gather them. Dau's rise in social networks was so high that even though collectors needed only 50,000 signatures, they doubled that number and eventually achieved more than 106,000, many of which were not approved.

Dık We had to run it, develop a government plan that many criticized, but we summarized the city's needs. This plan is not a Bible, it laid the foundation, ı added the woman, who holds a university degree in business administration and is unemployed but has work experience in the private sector before working with Dau.

In a joke Sunday before the public, Cynthia said: orum I'm laughing, sucking a lot. But beyond that, a very noble person, a gentleman, literally, respectful and above all, a lover of Cartagena, a city with transparency awaits the city. ” You have a city.

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