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Cali vs Pasto, formerly Liga Águila II 2018 | Colombian Football | Eagle League


In the midst of a busy environment and "the players collapsed", as coach Gerardo Pelusso said, Deportivo Cali is also the pasto of this Sunday (5:30 am) in Palmaseca, the entire League & # 39; Pray to defeat II-2018 and Nacional, Rionegro and Santa Fe at the same time. Only then will there be a miracle to enter the eighteenth.

With the Verdiblanco victory and the regression of players involved, Cali can be the only one classified under 30 points.

The situation is not simple. First, we must raise the emotional and football division of the whole, because the latest results have led to the concern of being dependent on other results. Cali was unable to stay in the selected group, injuries to key players were added to the crisis of others, and now he was expected to record something with a calculator in his hand, what a negative period in terms of achieving goals.

In sport, the return of Jeison Angulo by Darwin Andrade will be left-back, but the rest of the salary will be the same as the one that was lost to the final date against Bucaramanga.

The dismissal of the captain Andrés Pérez's club could also be submitted against Pasto after nine seasons; however, the institution expects it to remain in other small-scale missions. Likewise, there is an expectation that the technician Gerardo Pelusso, who is a factor that is decided at the end of Sunday night, will continue or not. Of course, Palmaseca will have high voltage.

The main innovation in the Deportivo Pasto is the absence of Nahuel Losada, who suffered from a serious injury to his last Sunday, when he entered a random battle with Juan Caicedo, from Independiente Medellín. Los Angeles, García & # 39; s record in the first half of the 18 matches played in the first half. He would play all the matches of the league. His replacement will be Victor Cabezas, who has said the lack of continuity in the team for next year and may have his connection with Santa Fe.

Jairo Enríquez once again tried to win the game on the legs of Gilberto García, who was once again tied to the shirt he played against "Poderoso" Independiente Medellín. The second half gets an average penalty.

After the presentation of the 11th pasturon, which had previously saddened by the team's actions, the fans applauded their players for coming face to face with Medellín. words.

Possible alignments:

Deportivo Cali:
Camilo Vargas; Juan Camilo, Juan Sebastián Quintero, Danny Rosero; Andrés Pérez, Christian Rivera, Didier Delgado, Nicolás Benedetti, John Mosquera; and José Sand.
D. T. Gerardo Pelusso

Deportivo Mera:
Víctor Cabezas, Gilberto García, José Ortiz, Luis Copete, Mauricio Casierra, Brayan Lucumí, Carlos Giraldo, Ederson Moreno, Wilmar Cruz, Juan Manuel Vásquez and Andrey Estupiñan.
D. T. Jairo Enriquez

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