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Boris García, the art of Sabrosura


Cartagena artist Boris García recently surprised the first version of the Gala Room for the Collective Dance of La Estereofónica, an audience of thousands of viewers in San Francisco Cloister.

Along with more than seventy artists on stage, dance, music, theater managed to integrate in the La Estereofónica version of the La Independence Festival on November 11, especially around a song that was part of the collective memory in the city. Pedro Laza and his Pelayeros' u.
In the modern version of Boris García, when one hears La Estereofónica, there is a solid conversation between Pedro Laza and the contemporary and contemporary music that brings his ancestors together.

The tastelessness of music comes and goes back to the present and the present.

In essence, what is La Estereofónica about the staging of Sabrosura?

– Sabrosura is an integrated artistic project where the proposal continues: multiplicity, meetings of time, the past and the speech of the present. After a decade of research, the Heroicos project is the result of Cartagena's voice. In contrast, it is a generic encounter that does not remain in nostalgia, but rather interprets nostalgia in the present time.

Stereophonic is a popular song with over 50 versions. A hymn in Mexico. This work has been influenced by many local content creators. We accept it as a local starting point.

The experience of Sabrosura in 2013 brought together this way, hundreds of years of emotions, stories, conceptual depths, and songs that were always around the cartageneidad. Like you wrote it once, it's the brand of the city. This Cartagena culture project received the support of Mamonal, Cabos and Esenttia Foundation.

What artist does La Estereofónica?

– In this first version Mayte Montero, Louis Towers, Soneros de Gamero, Koffe el Kafetero, Dj. The premiere of the youth of the Fetestra and Nuestra Orquesta project. Stereophonic is the result of 20 years of Heroics work, the voice of Cartagena and the essence of Sabresura, Cartagena, with two creative efforts.

How to Gala Concept for Bulk Dance?

– As in dancing in tropical huts, he plays a dance hall, but with the new sense of integration of musical, artistic and landscape, he regains the beauty of popular culture and ancestors.

How is the relationship between local and nuances added?

– Each presentation of Sabroura added natural materials, music, local history, and video art. There is a dialogue between locality and global, city and spirit. This will be the new Sabrosura season at the end of November. We understood the history of Cartagena beyond its walls with a more contemporary vision.

His name is Mi Tierra, a tribute to Sonero Hugo "Sabor" Alandete, who says everything in Cartagena is "delicious". This musician barulero, who grew up in Cartagena, was the key to the re-validation process of the islander, cartageneidad. But this offer includes workshops, interviews, shows, artists' recordings and so on. Accompanied. The organization has been a passionate and passionate struggle focused on creativity and vital power.

Who has accompanied and enriched this project?

– In addition to all the artists integrated into this proposal, we received wise suggestions from such journalists and writers as Juan Gossaín, Alberto Salcedo Ramos, historian Moisés Álvarez Marín, theater, film and television artist Jorge. Ali Triana.

How do you perceive Cartagena as an artistic scenario?
-Cartagena is the epicenter of creation. It's not a cartoon. It has a special aesthetics. It has a unique and singular Cartagena style. It's a cultural heritage. But Cartagena has a love for abandonment. Let's try to improve the spirit of the city.

Today, artist Boris García will be honored at Cartagena's Independence Day by the Council of Cartagena, who is a singer, cultural director, producer and a large and successful tray of many artists.
For the first time as an actor, singer and producer selected by director Jorge Alí Triana, he starred in the TV series La luz de tus ojos, which portrays Porro's Sinuano universe and his love and adventure stories. Boris for this series consisted of 15 songs between the porcelain, boleros and bullerengues for facial sections. Then, for the series Everything is lent, about Galy Galeano, the musician of the sixties, and the fictional character Fidel Pastrana, who portrayed the andariego, incarnated and also consisted of 10 songs, including ballads and tropical music for the series.
In 2006, the artist created Heroicos, an ambitious proposal for regional musical participation from Cartagena; From here, many ideas, encounters, researches in the city and the Caribbean art sector were born. Boris Mompox recommended the Jazz Festival, Fiestas de la Indepedencia de Cartagena (author of one of the festive hymns: the party was burned) and participated in cultural institutions and community processes. Between 1999 and 1994, he was one of the stars of the famous music group Vallenet, who won a double platinum record for nearly a million albums.

Mayte and Boris

Boris Garcia has an intense agenda of shows designed for the rest of the year and mid-2019.
On Monday, November 12, one of the ancestors of Cartagena Congress Center, "Báilalo" will be portrayed in the evening of the election and coronation of Miss Colombia with composer and producer Mayte Montero. He mixes Caribbean music with contemporary sounds. Then Boris García, Mayte Montero and Koffee El Kafetero made a song with the criteria of Cartagena fiestas La Estereofónica and Boris García.
"Cartagena complements the scene with Cartagena and three artists performing with the La Estereofónica song," says the singer.

last word

Boris brings Cartagena's home and spirit to everything he has imagined and planned with his memory and popular culture.

She is a disciplined, passionate, dreaming and dreaming person with a great talent for the integration of melody, theater and dance, bringing together sounds and cadences associated with the popular essence of Cartagena.

In these cultural projects in Cartagena, it is clear that the key is complementary, harmonious, collective, creative will growth.
Not in vain, at the last party of García Márquez in Cartagena, the genius of the letters, with a sense of humor and grace, expressed a festive relationship before the artist's flood joy.

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