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Boca Libertadores & # 39;

& # 39; Xeneize & # 39; created doubts in group stagehad a painful classification that came safely to the first leg of the final against River Plate, which had evolved from the eighth month to the end of 2-2.

Boca made a group attack against Alianza Lima in the Peruvian capital and entered the 8th group.

Agustín Rossi; Leonardo Jara, Santiago Vergini, Agustin Heredia, Frank Fabra; Julio Buffarini, Wilmar Barrios, Emanuel Reynoso, Edwin Cardona; Cristian Pavón and Carlos Tevez.

Only four started the first leg of the final: Rossi, Jara, Barrios and Pavón.

Boca took Junior's second day Barranquilla and 1-0 winner Pavón prevailed with his goal.

On the third date Draws 1-1 with Palmeiras At the last minute Tevez & # 39; s goals in Sao Paulo.

La Bombonera's Palmeiras were now away 0-2. against the ropes and the elimination threshold.

Boca Juniors was have to win The next game is not tied to other results, but Junior tied up with 1-1 Barranquilla & # 39;. The aim was for its purpose.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto team ranked third under Palmeiras as the last, already classified and a Junior, a victory sieved from her tournament.

However, the Colombians are referred to the Brazilians and the 'xeneize & # 39; fell Alianza Lima Edwin Cardona, Tevez, Fabra and Ramón Wanchope & # 39; 5-0 with goals from Ábila.

With these results Boca Juniors Qualified for the next round Behind Palmeiras (16), Junior (7) and Alianza Lima (1) in front of the group with nine points.

Raised from the team eighth finalsCollided with Libertad.

In the first attack in La Bombonera 2-0, you will find Ábila and Zárate & # 39; won with goals from. On the return, Fernando Gago won two to four with the goals of Zárate, Cardona and Tevez.

In the quarter, his opponent was Cruzeiro Pablo Bomba and Zárate were defeated 2-0 in La Bombonera with their goals. In return, Pavón's goal was equal to 1-1 difficulty.

In the semi-finals the opponent was another Brazilian. Palmeiras, an old acquaintance In the first leg of the group stage, he won 2-0 with Darío Benedetto's pair. The turn ended with a two-way draw on both sides. & # 39; CSE, you & # 39; The ones were made by Ábila and Benedetto.

The first leg of the finalFounded with Boca Rossi; Jara, Carlos Izquierdoz, Lisandro Magallán, Lucas Olaza; Nahit Nández, Barrios, Pérez; Sebastián Villa, Ábila and Pavón, who took their place in the first half with Benedetto's injury.

The first game was 2-2. The objectives of the space were Ábila and Benedetto.

– Boca came to the second leg of the final:

– Group stage:

01.03: Alianza Lima 0 – 0 BOCA JUNIORS.

04.04: BOCA JUNIORS 1 – 0 Young Barranquilla

11.04: Palmeiras 1 – 1 BOCA JUNIORS

25.04: BOCA JUNIORS 0 – 2 Palmeiras

02.05: Junior 1 – 1 BOCA JUNIORS

15.05: BOCA JUNIORS 5 – 0 by Alianza Lima

– Eighth finals:

08.08: BOCA JUNIORS 2 – 0 of Libertad

30.08: Libertad 2 – 4 BOCA JUNIORS

– Quarter finals:

19.09: BOCA JUNIORS 2 – 0 of Cruzeiro

04.10: Cruzeiro 1 – 1 BOCA JUNIORS

– Semi-finals:

24.10: BOCA JUNIORS 2 – 0 Palmeiras

31.10: Palmeiras 2 – 2 BOCA JUNIORS

– Final:

11.11: BOCA JUNIORS 2 – 2 River Plate

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