Thursday , February 27 2020
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Astronomers discover a planet that should not be

Astronomy is one of the sciences that never ceases to amaze us by the enormous amount of things that have not yet been discovered in space.

And one of them was just identified by a group of researchers. Institute of Space Sciences Astrophysics (IA) from Portugal.

It is a planet in two red giant star systems known as HD 212771 and HD 203949, which is studied by the TESS Satellite of the TESS Satellite. NASA.

But, The newly perceived planet should not exist according to scientific theories which show that a star such as HD 203949 has developed too far to accommodate a planet in such a situation with a short orbital distance.

Article published in the journal Journal of Astrophysics, The authors of the discovery say that çözüm the solution of this scientific dilemma simply conceals that stars and planets not only form, but also develop together. In this particular case, the planet was able to avoid being swallowed. "

By performing computer simulations, researchers determined that the tides of the star could bring the planet from its original orbit.

"These two stars provide an ideal test bench for the study of the evolution of planetary systems," said IA and the School of Science, Tiago Campante. University of Porto

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