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Apple's major problem will cause consumers to suffer


Apple-iPhone Xs
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If you have a big brand brand awareness need in the market Apple, The devices produced by Cupertino, California are generally the best-selling object in the world and for most of them an aspiration.

This allowed him to position himself. Currently, the world's most valuable brand with a brand value of $ 200 billionWhile Google's 155 thousand 500 million dollars, respectively, Interbrand's Best Global Brands 2018.

However, only a few weeks after the stock market has reached trillion dollars, Apple does not go through the best moment.

In the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, more than 37 thousand 200 million dollars were reported, Technological is showing clear signs of confronting a serious problem, and the bad thing is that everything is a painful consumer.

IPhone reaches the break point

For a period of ten years, iPhone is a self smart phone best seller -Most selling products as in the second quarter of -2018. But, He has suffered in the last two years, especially in front of his rivals against Samsung and Huawei.

Why is that? In the fourth financial quarter of Apple, iPhone created about 60 percent of company's revenue 37 thousand 185 million dollars, reported 62 thousand 900 million dollars.

The issue shows a glorious number, the problem is selling about 46.9 million devices between July and September. 0.5 percent more than the same period last year. A behavior that follows the April and June trend and sells fewer devices.

This is included in the report reduced year-end sales expectations during the holiday season. This was interpreted as a negative sign by analysts, and although the California firm reported higher incomes, its market shares declined by about 10 percent in Wall Street.

Actually, Apple, the New York Stock Exchange had lost the trillion dollar bill. currently available with stock market capitalization value $ 984.19 billion.

Samsung's volume and Huawei threat

One of the handicaps of the company managed by Tim Cook Not being an innovative brand It has been many years and characterized it Samsung and Huawei & # 39; s main rivals remained behind.

On the one hand, South Korean company cannot sell the amount Galaxy S9, S9 + and Note 9 but These devices have been innovative in terms of display and processor.

In addition, medium and low-range smartphones have been in favor of selling; market share general; 72.2 million units sold in the third quarter (20.3 percent of the market).

What's bad for both Samsung and Apple Huawei threatens not to stop growth. The Chinese brand took second place in the sales of Cupertino. 52 million smartphones between July and September.

Worst of all was that analysts underlined that they sold high-quality devices – not just average and low – P20, P20 Pro and Mate 10 (replaced by Mate 20 Pro) They report very healthy sales.

The key is that they stand out as innovative devices; The presence of Leica cameras, screen, processor and artificial intelligence is prominent. And the Chinese brand doesn't lose the opportunity to know that they have an advantage over their competitors.

The consumer pays the problem

The data shows, at least this year The dizzying growth of the iPhone expires and in fact, the person who continues to represent more than half of Apple's income is already becoming a serious problem.

The reason for this is a way of not selling as many devices as competitors. The last price of iPhone has been to maintain the strategy of significantly increasing the cost of the consumer. From iPhone X thousand dollar barrier and Xs, Xs max he repeats himself.

In fact, he A strategy that is replicated in the new iPad Pro and Mac In fact, they not only grow, but continue to lose vitality; In the last quarter, it fell by 2 percent and 6 percent respectively.

after, Apple's strategy is to take more fees for its products. For this reason, analysts think that the following iPhone and iPad models will be more expensive for the consumer. To continue to attract investors' interest in an increasing number of sales.

This was reflected in a new decision passed to investors by Tim Cook. apple be separated To report the amount of iPhones and iPhones that are sold every quarter.

We don't know if this strategy works for Apple, at least the markets are not well received, because there is uncertainty about the company. In addition, it is the consumer who will pay to have to pay increasingly higher prices. How long will the question be?


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