Tuesday , October 4 2022

Apple iPhone XR demand doubts


Technological giant apple today was decreasing its value New York Stock ExchangeInvestors under pressure with concerns about their demands iPhone XRand threatened to lose the trillion-dollar size reached in August. Landmark in the US.

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Since last Thursday announced the results of 2018, appleThe largest list on the market saw how the interest of some of the investment companies was reduced due to the penalties of some of the investment companies, and this reduced their expectations on the firm's figures.

Merrill Lynch In a statement Friday, apple The neglect of unit invoicing of phones, tablets and computers will not be well received by investors. iPhone planned for the next quarter.

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In the midst of stagnation in sales iPhonecompany Cupertino In the results of the next quarter, it is estimated that the important Christmas campaign under the accounts of important analysts will reach a turnover of 89.000 to 93.000 million dollars.

This Monday Wall Street insisted on losing appeal apple when you are signed Rosenblatt Securities It contributed to the reduction of expectations in the production and sales of the smartphone.

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Founded by technological suspicions for Steve Jobs it participated in an information published by monday Nikkei Asia Review, by apple commissioned its suppliers to build more models iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at the beginning of the orders iPhone XR.

The article, which puts forward anonymous sources, said the company "pointed to a disappointing demand for the new". iPhone XR"According to the orders you place to the suppliers Pegatron and Foxconn.

Because he released his financial accounts last Thursday apple market value slide a % 9.5and after today's half-session, their securities receded by almost 4% less than the close of Friday, nearly $ 200 each.

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