Friday , October 7 2022

Amazon plans to distribute its second center between two cities, according to reports


American e-commerce giant Amazon instead of choosing a single location, plans to distribute the second center between two cities – Washington and New York –according to the sources familiar with the plants mentioned Wall Street Magazine and New York Times.

The company, based in Seattle (Washington), is located in the US last year. also announced the intention to establish a second center. It will invest about $ 5 billion and employ 50,000 people.

magazine On Monday, he announced that the company had decided to develop its second headquarters in two different cities and had 25,000 employees on each campus.

Report times He then confirmed, but added that the two selected areas were probably Long island cityIn New York and Crystal CityWashington & # 39;. The Times report also confirmed the conclusion of the agreement.

Company announced last January 20 finalist city lists from about 240 candidatesHe also appeared in Mexico and Canada.

Most of these cities offered relief and tax exemptions In order to attract the Amazon, which promises the new headquarters will be of the same importance as the present in Seattle.

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, refused to comment on the news.

With this action, as both media point out, the Available for a sufficient number of qualified personnel and reduce the potential problems of gathering tens of thousands of workers in a space, such as housing or transportation difficulties.

Amazon, which offers more management centers, competes in areas such as Cloud Inc and voice control technology in Google Alphabetical Inc. and help win new workers in a war of others.

Alex Snyder, analyst at CenterSquare Investment Management, near Philadelphia, said, "Amazon will go where it will not have to push Google and Facebook as far as San Francisco or Seattle." Said.

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