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Alexandre Guimarães: Remarks after Nacional’s victory | Colombian Football | Betplay League

Atlético Nacional defeated Envigado 3-0 to qualify for the next stage of Liga I-2021. At the end of the match, coach Alexandre Guimarães highlighted the overall performance of his players and is currently focusing his efforts on futures for Copa Libertadores against Libertad to move into the group stage of the continental tournament.

“Matches have 95 minutes and we played quite well at different stages in the vast majority of matches. “After analyzing the numbers and taking into account the large roster, we had to have this versatility from midfield upwards, and that gave us the points and what the team needed to build itself,” he said.

Moreover, “we win nearly every game at home and that has helped us solidify the work we do. We did well what we won, and now the most interesting thing is to go to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores and think about the League ‘playoffs’. We don’t do drama because of the games we lost, we have to turn around to play as we do, and what happens outside needs rhythm. What we are showing is great ”.

Regarding what’s coming against Libertad in Paraguay next week, the strategist said, “I trust Copa Libertadores, I know it’s another dynamic, another tournament, but the team is getting into a good moment. We had a great March, started April very well and now we need to focus on Libertad, a tough competitor. I’m not thinking now, but I’ll think about Copa Libertadores, go to Asunción, get a good result, and then against Cali’s payslip and Patriotas ”.

Regarding the operation of his team, Guimarães said, “We have a team that absorbed our mind very well within 3 months, we played many matches well and this gives us the opportunity to qualify for two dates and be the team with the highest score. championship. We have a huge growth margin, I take off my hat with this team in my quarterly work ”.

Regarding the match of Dutch Colombian Michael Chacón, Alexandre said, “We are satisfied with Michael’s (Chacón) performance and his teammates are also pleased with him. We knew we had to give him time to get used to it, he was returning to his country again and this game was very good for him ”.

Finally, on the virtue of taking advantage of the still ball with the goals of Bryan Rovira against Guaraní and Michael Chacón against Envigado, Guimarães said, “both are very good in training, the ones who need to attack are the ones who have the best performance in training (Michael). Chacón scored a great goal like (Bryan) Rovira did in Paraguay and we are delighted ”.

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