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World Women 9-Ball Championship Sanya Pan Pan Xiaoting Fights – China Daily


World Women 9-Ball Championship Sanya Opening Pan Xiaoting Fights Hainan

Chinese Daily, December 6 (Reporter Shi Yitian) 5 & # 39; ranked, 'the most beautiful event' known as the 2018 Hainan Sanya World Women 9-Ball Championship, Sanya, began. The women's billiard's top-level contest attracted more than 80 players from 22 countries to participate in the competition.

The 27th competition in the competition was also the 10th competition in China, and this year for the first time in Sanya City, Hainan Province. The total prize money for the competition is $ 175,000 and the champion will be 44 thousand dollars.

Shaun Singh, director of World Fantasy Billiards Association, said the "9 Ball World Championship" was the highest women's billiard competition and this year the Chinese billiard association and all parties came to the beautiful city, event and city features. Romance drew 8 out of the 18 world champions, including the world's number one defender champion Chen Siming. I think that such a specification will continue to play until the last game.

World's number one Chinese star Chen Siming, "9 ball Tianhou" Pan Xiaoting, British star Kelly Fisher, "Korean little witch" will be the impact of the 9 ball famous players' championship of Jin Jiaying and other world women.

The final competition was held in Hainan Chengmai, and Pan Xiaoting once again entered the World Championship finals many years later. However, he regretted losing Chen Siming, the world's top teammate.

Pan Xiaoting, who also struggled with Hainan, stated that the contestants were strong and competitive and had too many ambiguous factors in the 9-ball event: The final result is unpredictable, which is the appeal of the game. also. "

The opening ceremony was held at Yaqian Ancient View Point, a fun 9-ball show like Kelly Fisher, Jia Siming, Ossin and many other foreign stars, making Li Jin's woven, sachet making, confectionery and other ancient heritage projects held. Experience, experience and feel the unique Chinese culture. Li Wujun, deputy secretary general of the People's Government of Sanya City, said Sanya would be a good host, improve the service of the event and logistical support, and take this 9-ball world championship with Sanya features to make a high-quality, high-quality sport. Big deal.

The event was hosted by the World Fantasy Billiards Association (WPA), China Billiards Association (CBSA), Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Broadcasting and Sports Department and Hainan Province Sanya Municipal People's Government. Sanya City, Hainan Province, Beijing Guoao Culture and Radio Television Broadcasting and Sports Bureau organized by Beijing Guoan Jinguan Football Development Co., Ltd. jointly by Zhonghe Culture Co., Ltd.

(Editor: Yan Yujie, Cai Donghai)

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