Tuesday , March 2 2021

Will the wizards face clashes? Bradley Beal denies rumors of "Trade Me"

Washington Wizards, which did not perform well at the opening, had many commercial rumors this month and had negative news about the clash between John Wall and head coach Scott Brooks. Shady Wizards players then tried to find a change by doing trade in weather conditions, by determining that everyone was a bargain chip by the team, and even Bradley Beal became the favorite player for many teams.

Surprisingly, there have been reports in many of the media that Bradley Beal was not very pleased with the Wizards team atmosphere. Therefore, I hope that the "Trade Me" team will immediately flow from the Lakers or take care of Bradley Beal. But after playing today's Rockets, Bradley Beal was acceptedinterviewTime is not the position of the rumors, but Wizards' team wanted to treat the team refused to say.

Interested readers should pay attention to HYPEBEAST's follow-up report or follow the expectation that DeMarcus Cousins ​​will return after Christmas.

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