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The role of Lu Yixin takes about 40 years. Lu Yi | Yongjiang | Track_Sina News

The original title: The role of Lu Yixin takes about 40 years, and the trajectory of life is closely related to time.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 22 (Reporter Bai Wei) In 2017, Lu Yi, a prosecutor played by the television series "People's Name", took root in people's hearts. A year later, another great melody used the television series. "The wind reappeared It was time to return to the screen, but this one took about 40 years.

In the game, Lu Yi, the protagonist of Lu Yi, was a veteran retired military and led to a change from state-owned enterprises to changing business status at sea and then to state-owned enterprises. Entrepreneurs have realized their opportunities and dreams by pioneering a number of struggles such as restructuring the Yongjiang Factory, revitalizing state-owned brands, winning foreign trade and economic cooperation, and actively participating in the construction of ası Kemer and Road Yong.

Ci This role has spread over 40 years from the 1980s to the present, Hou said Lu Yi, in an interview with 22-year-old Beijing, who, according to Hou Liangping, has a career, love, life choice or entrepreneurial path. Whether, Fang Get the life of Bangyan. Orbit is closely related to time.

Yongjiang Textile Factory is a business unit that Fang Bangyan has invested in after the transfer. Their success is related to Yongjiang Factory. From sales to renewed equipment, from sales channels to co-operation with foreign businessmen, even Fang Bangyan Everyone questioned, misunderstood and even suffered from family life.

Lu Yi said that Fang Bangyan was not always the hero's aura. . Not like the great man in the past, like God and everything can be solved by itself. Very real and very stereoscopic. Çok

Ine Fang Bangyan, a responsible and responsible man, carries a lot of faith and devotion to his work and family, ve said Fang Lan, Fang Bangyan's mother-in-law. In his life of marriage, Fang owes a lot to the Bangyan family. .

"Fang Bangyan has a great military character and is stubborn." Lu Yi said, "He has a belief in his heart, sometimes not understood by his family. In fact, his heart is very painful."

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