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The new airport motorway is basically completed. "Five vertical and two horizontal" network start screen | Hub | Daxing Airport | New Airport _ Sinai News


Original title: The new airport motorway is basically completed, the "five vertical and two horizontal" networks are initially displayed.

Beijing Business News (Correspondent Tao Feng Yu Xinyi) According to the Beijing City Communication Commission, the Daxing International Airport Motorway, the new airport line of railway transit and the four bridges of Tuanhe Road were synchronized on the morning of December 2nd. The ”Three Lines and Four Bridges“ Synchronous Rotating Project of Beijing-Shanghai Railway was successfully completed. The opening of the ın Bosporus main road ı, the supportive traffic of the airport, shows that the main body of the Daxing International Airport Motorway is basically completed and that the upper part of the new airport line of the railway crossing is mainly connected. Daxing Airport Express is expected to open in the first half of next year.

According to reports, the design scheme of the K three-row four bridges çap of rivers, highways and railways that crossed more than one bridge in the same place lasted for about one and a half years. The new record indicates that the entire line of the Daxing International Airport Motorway has been completed: the upper part of the new airport line of the railway crossing was basically interconnected and opened the oy Bosphorus main road un for the supporting traffic of Daxing International Airport. According to the technical staff of the 12th Bureau of China Railways, the total weight of four sets of rotary bridges is 10,000 tons and the maximum return body is 70 degrees. On the left and right sides of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway on the Daxing International Airport Motorway, there are two new bridges, a new railway transit line and a bridge over the Beijing-Shanghai Railway on Tuanhe Road.

At the same time, due to the very busy passenger and cargo transportation of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, the average train passes every 7 minutes.Therefore, the construction of the transmission is only a 90-minute, window period yolcu. The construction period is minimized, it should be right up to the second. The effect of the railway operation, compared to the two-turn scheme, allows simultaneous rotary, double-run operation of several passenger and freight trains, providing a 90-minute downtime.

According to the plan, a new three-dimensional and two-dimensional three-dimensional transport network will be established around the Beijing New Airport, as well as four new roads, including the new airport highway, the Jingkai Highway, the Beijing-Taiwan Highway and the New Airport North Highway. New Airport Express, Jingxiong Railway and Langyu Intercity Railway. The new airport expressway and the new airport express line provide direct access to central Beijing and are connected to the city rail network. Until then, Beijing New Airport will be the largest integrated transportation hub in China.

Li Xin, Director of the Engineering Department of the Beijing Municipal Communication Commission, said that in the tı five sectors Havalimanı, the Beijing-Taiwan Highway and Jingkai Motorway expansion project was successfully completed, and that the Daxing Airport North Line Motorway was under construction on oy Two Horizon Pekin. In the future, citizens will go to Daxing Airport. In addition to the Axing Airport Expressway, the city's residents can also reach the airport via the Beijing-Taiwan Highway and the Daxing Airport North Line. reach. airport.

Zhang Zhuting, a professor in the Department of Communications at the Ministry of Communications, told that during the meeting with Beijing Business Day, Daxing Airport, a transportation hub and distribution center, should fulfill the function of passenger transportation and freight transportation. he said that the transportation network requires it to be yön in every direction gerektir because it is far from the urban area. Far away, the new airport express line, the new airport motorway, the Beijing-Taiwan motorway and other travel styles will shorten the distance of the citizens. At the same time, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei relying on the traffic integration strategy, in addition to Beijing, Tianjin Daxing Airport should shorten the relationship with. Langfang and Xiong's time and space distance between cities. According to reports, you can reach Tianjin, Tangshan, Baoding and other cities within an hour starting from Beijing New Airport. The radiation capacity of the hub at the new airport.

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