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The Marriott's 500 million user data has been ventilated, how can we save ourselves in 5 steps?


The Marriott's 500 million user data has been ventilated, how can we save ourselves in 5 steps?

The Marriott International Group has a big deal. On Friday night, the famous hotel group announced that their database system was attacked and that personal information such as name, credit card, email, e-mail and passport number was stolen by hackers. 500 million people are screaming. In addition to Yahoo, leaking 3 billion user information, there will be no more serious accidents than Marriott data leaks in history.

The Washington Post pointed out that the data breach stems from Starwood Hotel, which was not defeated by Marriott in 2014. Adı After 2016, when he bought Marriott Starwood, he couldn't find gaps in the system. So, hackers have been in the ocean of Marriott user data for four years. Yani

On November 19th, the Marriott Group discovered that Starwood had unauthorized access to the customer reservation database and that hackers could easily retrieve data before September 10th this year. Of the 500 million people affected, 327 million are ”injured“ and hackers can control almost all of their personal information.

Even more frightening is the loss of credit card numbers of these customers. Although the AES-128 encryption standard was used, Marriott admitted that the hacker could not determine whether the key was being stolen to decrypt credit card account information.

In this regard, the Marriott Group can only express deep regrets and will make every effort to help customers and learn the lessons.

Marriott International, the world's largest hotel chain, has more than 5,800 hotels, and the hotel also includes the famous W Hotels, Sheraton, Westin and Le Méridien.

The reasons for the hacking of the Marriott Group's hotel system are still unclear, but security experts believe the hotel's Wi-Fi is a breakthrough for hackers. In fact, in 2016, Starwood and Marriott Hotel were attacked and tens of thousands of users had stolen credit card numbers.

So, have you stayed at the Marriott Group hotel in the last four years, are you actively taking measures for "self-help"? Below we'll give you all the support and you can minimize the loss by doing all these five steps.

Change password

This is an ordinary place: Let's change your Marriott / Starwood password first: This is the first step and the simplest. If your Marriott / Starwood password is the same as or similar to the other account password, you must remind that the change will change the password for the other account.

2. Check account for suspicious activity

After changing your password, you can quickly check if your account is suspicious. If you find something you have not noticed, please contact the relevant bank. If you have an unusual fraudulent transaction in your Marriott account, please contact Marriott directly. Of course, don't forget to check other accounts, maybe hackers are following them.

A successful hacker will not use or sell the stolen data, so your strings will be tighter for a while.

3. Freeze your credit card if you can't

Freezing credit cards doesn't only make it hard for hackers to receive your credit card report (including when you apply for a new card, when you pay for your home and office), it also prevents you from creating new accounts with your information.

If you don't want to freeze your credit card, just open a fraud alert, reminders and more verification step is still more protective.

4. Use two-step verification

After receiving too much data, hackers will attempt to use all data to log data to other online accounts and services. At this point, complex passwords become critical. If you still don't know the two-step verification method, it's time to go to school.

In fact, the Marriott is a pioneer in the use of two-step verification in the hospitality industry, but since they are used in parallel with Marriott's two systems (SPG) (only recently merged), their safety is wrong. Hopefully this painful lesson will make the two-step verification method more popular in the hotel industry.

5. Long-sighted about fraud

Cyber ​​criminals know that data stolen customers will fall into security concerns, so they are prone to disease and medical treatment and a chain of bad guys. Please note here that you should not deal with links in your mailbox, especially those that protect or restore your personal data as a "point of sale". In addition, if you wish to contact the online bank or Marriott Group, you must enter the official website, be confused and encounter "Li Gui".

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The Marriott's 500 million user data has been ventilated, how can we save ourselves in 5 steps?

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