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(All headlines Xinhua, 40-year commentary series and interaction of pictures and texts) (1) Storms and magnificent epics: Chinese miracle and opening from the 40-year reform

Visitors watched the local water community performances in the Wuzhen Scenic Area in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, and felt the beauty of spring in Jiangnan Water Village (unmanned aerial vehicle shooting on April 1).Xu Weishe, reporter for Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, December 8, BeijingTitle: Wind and Rain, Spectacular Epics: 40 Years of Reform and Opening from China Opening

Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Jie, Chen Yuwei, Tan Xiaoxiao, Ye Qian

A deep understanding of the profound change in the 40-year timeline is not meaningful.

On December 18, 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Party's Eleventh Central Committee, which opened the grand opening and opening of China's reform, was held.

(All headlines Xinhua, 40 years' comment series and interaction of pictures and texts) (2) Epic poems - 40 years of reform and miracle of China

Chen Huacheng (left), an 80-year-old peasant from Zizhu Village in Makeng County, Zhouning County, Ningming City, is looking at the growth of Dendrobium candidum (photograph taken on August 5). Based on the advantages of natural resources, the village supports local farmers to develop the forest economy and help poor households get out of poverty. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Peiquan photo

After 40 years of hard work and hard work for 40 years, the Chinese people wrote an epic national and national development epic with hard work and sweat in the history of human development.

"China's reforms will not stop and the opening will not stop. China will definitely have a new and bigger miracle to look at the world!" This is a strong statement that the Chinese nation continues to write Chinese miracles for the future.

Forward, writing the oriental miracle on the world stage

On September 26, 2018, Li Liqin, a 53-year-old farmer from Lujia Village of Dipu Street, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, was unforgettable.

On that day, as a representative of over 18 million farmers in Zhejiang Province, the United Nations' history was awarded the temsil Golden Guard Award olarak for the Göster Thousand Villages Show and Wancun Renewal Birleşmiş project in Zhejiang Province.

(All headlines Xinhua, 40-year commentary series and interaction of pictures and texts) (3) Epic poems - 40 years of reform and miracle of China

The first aircraft of the C919 large passenger aircraft, developed independently by China, was officially launched at the Pudong base factory of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation's final assembly plant (November 2, 2015). Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Xin Xin)

"We are builders and rights owners". Li Liin, who was at the stand of the UN, told the world that after 15 years of beauty, the poor and backward, dirty and poor country was "opening". The village is a beautiful village in the natural area.

The story of Zhejiang's rural countryside filled with worldly fragrance is a mirror of China's agricultural and rural reform and development, reflecting China's transformation in the 40-year reform and transformation process.

At the end of the 1980s, when the American scientist put forward the "final outcome of history" by Fukuyama, he would not have thought that China was by no means enduring history, but created a miracle of history.

From 1.8 percent to 15 percent of the world's 40-year economic growth, the average annual economic growth is 9.5%, much higher than the average growth rate of 2.9% in the world economy; The contribution rate exceeding the total of US, Europe and Japan exceeds 30%;

In the past 40 years, the incidence of rural poverty in China has decreased from 97.5% to 3.1%, the number of rural poverty has decreased by 740 million, and the global poverty reduction has contributed more than 70%. per capita disposable income increased by 22.8 times. The countries of income have entered the middle-income countries …

One liter and one drop is an Eastern miracle in which a large country stands up, enriches and then strengthens.

Why China? Why China?

"Without the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, it is impossible to imagine that China could achieve such a success." Russian "Independent" commented.

In December 2012, Shenzhen Lotus Peak, General Secretary Xi Jinping's first visit to the region after the 18th National Congress, explained here:

Surprisingly, we will put forward reform and expansion, encourage new progress in reform, contribute to new expansions and modernization, make new breakthroughs and take a new step. "

Thirty years ago, the Chinese Communist Party made an historic choice to implement its reform and expansion, which rose to the north and south of the Yangtze River and filled with vitality in socialism with Chinese traits.

Deng Xiaoping's southern tour talks to the party's 14th National Congress have made clear the goal of improving the economic system of the socialist market and then joined the World Trade Organization … In a crucial time, the Chinese Communist Party has always been political determination and strategic determination.

Six years ago, the Xi Jinping Journey and the Party Central Committee made clear the goal of ensuring that the Chinese nation greatly revitalized the Chinese dream: the dream of building a dream turned into a high-spirited melody in the journey of reform and opening, and reforms in various fields were pushed into comprehensive deepening .

(All headlines Xinhua, series of 40 years commentary and interaction of graphics and texts) (4) Stormy epic poems - Chinese miracle and opening from 40 years of reform

Built in Huang Yuying, Lankao, Henan's images of the old houses before the deportation in Yaozhai New Village in Guying Town, a poverty reduction community in the Yellow River Beach area, showed photographs of the old houses (photograph taken on November 14th). Xinhua News Agency reporter Feng Dapeng photo

Committed to opening, China's paths are wider and wider

Africa, the most concentrated developing countries with the continent. On this fertile rational basis, more than a billion African people are trying to fulfill the African dream that they have endeavored for generations.

The President of the Congo (Brazzaville), Sassou, visited China many times and only went to Shenzhen many times, witnessed the marvelous return of the "first window" of China's reform and opened up to the modern city from the fishing village.

Sassou wants to know how a socialist country can maximize the role of the market and create an incredible economic miracle in the world.

When we look at the sea for 40 years, the answer lies in it.

The key to reform and opening is to revive socialism with Chinese characters –

In the spring of 2006, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

In examining the country's new five-year development plan, NPC MPs noticed that the document did not contain the word "plan" but replaced it with the "plan".

From planning to planning, word exchange is the accurate positioning of medium and long-term planning functions under the conditions of the socialist market economy, and is a vivid example of the major changes in the economic and social development of China.

"When China made plans for future generations, all our plans were for the next elections." Economy and the American economist Engel's Nobel Prize winner felt a lot.

(All headlines Xinhua, 40-year commentary series and interplay of pictures and texts) (5) Epic poems - 40 years of reform and miracle of China

It is a stage in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, where it was filmed on 26 March (shooting of unmanned aerial vehicle). Xinhua News Agency reporter Mao Siqian

When China united the planned economy and the market economy in a creative way, the whole society created an endless creative lifestyle and the road to socialism with Chinese characteristics widened and expanded.

Over the past 40 years, the number of Chinese market players has increased more than 100 million with more than 100 million from more than 100,000,000, and by the end of 2017, the number of private enterprises in the country exceeded 27 million, with the total manufacturing industry taking the first place in the world for many years. Commodity shortage and coupon supply period is over …

The right direction of the new development concept has enabled China to inspire forward enthusiasm.

From the çalışıy 100-Year Coal City tük to the tük City of Sponge ”, Pingxiang is trying to turn into a depleted city.

On December 2, Pingxiang City saw the completion of the 22 sponge projects. Today, there are more than 100 companies in the sponge industry and black and sloppy lakes are being replaced by a green clearing environment.

The magnificent transformation of Pingxiang City reflects changes under the direction of the new development concept in China.

In the last 40 years, development philosophy and development ideas of eli productivity first leri, scientific development, comprehensive and coordinated sustainable development, ”innovation, coordination, green, openness, sharing“ and development ideas are innovative and perfect. Both pushed China to make a new leap in development.

(All headlines Xinhua, 40 years of commentary series and interaction of pictures and texts) (9) Stormy epic poems - 40 years of reform and miracle of China

In Shangshu Village, Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, discusses the plans of various university graduates, their homes and agricultural companies (photograph taken on November 17th). After 15 years of beauty, once the poor, back and dirty Anji countryside, “the gates are gardens and the whole village is a landscape lar has become a beautiful village. Xinhua News Agency reporter Tan Jinshe

By mobilizing the enthusiasm and excitement of hundreds of millions of people, bringing together the glorious power of China to realize its dreams –

The exhibition hall of the reform and the opening of Xiangyang Town in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province have a continuous flow of visitors.

In 1980, Xiangyang Town was the first to obtain the reform Commune of the People “brand and was described as the“ first district of rural reform 1980.

After the reform, grain production of Xiangyang Town increased rapidly and the district enterprises developed. Today, the people of Xiangyang are dreaming about the comprehensive reform of urban and rural integration and development.

"Our great achievements are created by people and shared by people." In the 2018 New Year message, Secretary General Xi Jinping has publicly declared its superiority.

The Western media assessment suggests that since 1978, China has been concerned with people's reform, public reform, people's commitment to reforms and a model for global development.

From eating and drinking to better education, more stable work, more satisfying income and more reliable social security … Yang Weimin, deputy director of the National Committee for the National Committee on Chinese Political Consultation Conference, addresses the needs of the masses and respects the initiative of the people. He said: He seized the key to the reform.

(All the headlines Xinhua, 40 years of commentary series and the interaction of graphics and art) (6) Epics - 40 years of reform and miracle of China

The staff were inspected at the Hengli Group Chemical Fiber Intelligent Reinforcement Workshop in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province (photo taken at 31st October). Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Boshe

Go forward and continue writing about the new miracle of growth in China

In 1978, when Deng Xiaoping visited the 210-kilometer Shinkansen station in Japan, he felt very self-conscious: to quickly express himself and to call people to run.

40 years later, the "Revival" train runs at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour to the north and south of the homeland.

Without reform and opening, the national revival has gone.

The outside world, which stands at the new historical starting point, pays more attention to the development trend of China.

"The Chinese economy is a turning point in modern history." The economist, Stephen Roach, said that the greater challenges were to look forward to the ideal goal of the "new era" of 2050 and China.

By 2020, a well-to-do society will be built in less than three years, and by 2050 there will be more than 30 years of comprehensive socialist modernization.

In the face of a major change over the last 100 years, the goal of a hundred-year-old dreams is "easy to achieve, but can be achieved by touching drums."

Write new achievements, continue to write new miracles and progress in the logic of historical progress –

The development of society is always in the midst of change and in the contradictory movement.

(All titles Xinhua, series of 40 years and interplay of pictures and texts) (7) Epic poems - 40 years of reform and miracle of China

It is the body production line of Beijing Hyundai Zhangzhou factory, filming in April 21, in Hebei Province, Luzhou. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Yushe

Compared to 40 years ago, there are less food and clothing and scarcity problems. However, deeper waters have more interest and diversity of concepts such as more reforms and leri difficulties during transition 40.

Social development has no end, and reform and opening are not the end.

The urban-rural integration development system and mechanism, the ability system, the financial and taxation financial system, the income distribution system and the state-owned enterprises yeni have reached a new historical junction. The complexity, sensitivity and difficulty of promoting the creation are not less than 40 years.

Action is the strongest answer.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has introduced 158 reform measures that directly discover the en deepest place in the deep water zone “and” the most difficult and hardest core &: a comprehensive deepening of the reform momentum The wind and water are rising and the hoof is stable.

Write new achievements, continue writing new miracles and evolve in time –

In order to understand the theme of time and to answer the questions of the time, we can take advantage of the trend of time.

(All headlines Xinhua, 40 years of commentary series and interaction of pictures and texts) (8) Epic poems - 40 years of reform and miracle of China

C2001, Revival Standart Chinese Standard EMU, from Beijing Nankai to Tianjin, entered the city of Tianjin (photo taken on August 21, 2017). Xinhua News Agency (photo presented by Yang Baosen)


Globalization, commercial protectionism, populism, isolationism, unilateralism, etc. Where is China going?

Asian Annual Conference 2018 In the Boao Forum, the door to the opening of China will be opened even further. The trip to General Guangdong emphasizes the continuous deepening and opening of the reform, while expanding and expanding in the first China International Import Fair.

Since the beginning of this year, Secretary General Xi Jinping has made a series of important speeches at different times, issued a strong signal of reform and opened in the new era.

Pierre Picard, an expert on China's problems at the University of Paris in France, said that China's insistence on speeding up the pace and expansion of reform will not lead to any hardship, but encouraged China's courage to insist on reform.

China's first Chinese ambassador in Mexico, Li Ziwen, will bring further dividends in China's deepening of reform and opening up and spreading global free trade. "China 's influence in the world is constantly increasing. China is now the hero and the future."

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